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We added 5 new interactable objects to Plank, each one creating different effects around levels!

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18th of April of 2020, Lisbon, Portugal

Recently we finished developing some interactable objects for the game. Their main purpose is to make the environment more interactable and interesting and at the same time, increase the fun in our game.

First we have the anchor:


If the player cuts the line that is holding the anchor, the anchor will fall and kill anyone that gets hit by it. It’s a different and fun way to kill enemies but beware: be careful because you die too if you get hit by it.

Second we have the mast:


If the player cuts the base of the mast with his sword, the mast will fall and kill anyone that is hit by it.

Thirdly we have the cannon:


The cannon has only one bullet and if the players turns it on, it shoots one time. Its shot can kill anyone who is hit by it.

Fourthly we have the explosive barrel:

explosive barrel

If the barrel receives any damage either by the player or enemies, it will make a huge explosion, killing anyone that is hit by it.

And finally we have our most interesting feature: the rum barrel.

rum barrel

It’s a quite funny feature. Basically if the player open the barrel (by cutting it with his sword), a huge amount of rum will spill and any enemies that are touched by it, will get drunk, walk slowly and do less damage. Down the hatch!

We expect to release our game on July for free on our Press Kit.


We are a group of inspired and talented game dev students with the objective of creating the most addicting hack and slash pirate game ever.


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