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A new INFASA campaign, Gehenna's Gate, has been revealed. Read below to get to know the latest addition to INFASA!

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1. Gehenna's Gate, another precious addition to INFASA
After the revelation of The Spirit of Ptah, another minicampaign for INFASA has been finally revealed to the public. While TSoP focuses on the Hammer of Light and its worrying attempts to disrupt the alliance between the GTA and the PVE, Gehenna's Gate (shortened to GehG) will focus on joint Terran and Vasudan operations at the end of the Great War. Just like TSoP, GehG will require the FSPort mode of INFASA.
The SD Lucifer has been destroyed, and the Shivans lost their organizational abilities. The GTA and PVN focus on this advantage to eradicate the remnants of the Shivan invasion force, and gradually regain all systems which fell under the control of the Shivans. The final objective is Ross 128, the system in which the very first Shivan attack took place.

2. The Veritas and the Imhotep
In GehG, the player's home base will be an Orion-class destroyer, the GTD Veritas. The Veritas works with the full cooperation of the PVD Imhotep, a Typhon-class destroyer of the Parliamentary Vasudan Navy.

The first objective will be securing Delta Serpentis and remove all Shivan threats in that system. Only then the final strike on Ross 128 will be carried out. GTA and PVE forces can rely on a series of considerable advantages, but their final run will not be easy and its outcome will be totally unpredictable.

3. Previously unencountered Shivan assets make their appearance
Before entering Ross 128, GTA and PVE forces will encounter a number of unknown Shivan assets. GehG, in fact, is intended to merge a typical FS1-ish atmosphere with Inferno's style at introducing new foes. Among the newly encountered assets, the well known SC Abel, SF Serpent and SF Gorgon will make their tremendous appearance. In addition to that, the Terran and Vasudan fleets will be expanded with new weapons (Maul cannon, Railguns, Neutron batteries, Plasma cannons, etc. etc.) and assets (GTC Ethon, PVC Mekhet, PVF Uneg, PVD Bastet, etc. etc.).

The result is a renovated atmosphere which remains close to FreeSpace 1's standards. Warships will finally be equipped with heavy weapons to destroy big targets with impunity while the new designs will bring a lot of variety.

4. The Gehenna
Without spoiling too much, it's very important to specify that the campaign has been named after an SI Arachnas-class Shivan installation, the Gehenna, which is apparently trying to replace the Lucifer as source of command for the Shivans. It's real role during the campaign will remain unknown so that players will be able to discover it when playing GehG.

That said, however, the addition of screenshots showing the Gehenna and its attending force is not to be excluded - it'll be a good way to show INFASA's serious upgrade of the old Arachnas mesh, which is currently WIP.

5. Screenshots of the campaign and its features
Obviously, a campaign can't be revealed without showing a number of screenshots.

38 screenshots have already been added to INFASA's mod profile, and many others will follow in the near future.

Delta Serpentis background by Mobius
GehG will feature many exclusive system backgrounds, all created by Mobius
(ModDB user name: Mobius89)

[GehG] - Screenshot #01 [GehG] - Screenshot #02

[GehG] - Screenshot #03 [GehG] - Screenshot #04

[GehG] - Screenshot #05 [GehG] - Screenshot #06

[GehG] - Screenshot #07 [GehG] - Screenshot #08

[GehG] - Screenshot #09 [GehG] - Screenshot #10

Securing the Ross 128 jump node in Delta Serpentis
The player's squadron, the 144th, jumps in near the node to weaken all Shivan defenses.
The attention is focused on several Shivan freighters which are attempting to escape to Ross 128:
eliminating them becomes a priority.

This is also the first encounter with the SF Succubus-class fighter, a very fast but fragile foe,
and the small SC Abel-class cruiser.

[GehG] - Screenshot #11 [GehG] - Screenshot #12

[GehG] - Screenshot #13 [GehG] - Screenshot #14

The PVD Imhotep arrives
The Vasudan destroyer enters the sector to provide heavy fire support
and sortie its numerous wings to secure the area.

[GehG] - Screenshot #15 [GehG] - Screenshot #16

[GehG] - Screenshot #17 [GehG] - Screenshot #18

The Shivan counterattack
While the Vasudans try to consolidate their important gains, the Shivans amazingly deploy
forces from Ross 128. A Lilith-class cruiser manages to pass through the blockade,
while a couple of Abels and their fighter escort are quickly engaged.

A PVC Mekhet, a PVC Mafdet and numerous PVB Imset-class bombers can also be seen.

[GehG] - Screenshot #19 [GehG] - Screenshot #20

A more aggressive counterattack
Although the Abels have been destroyed, the Shivan offensive has become more intense:
two SCv Moloch-class corvettes enter the system and easily pass through the blockade.

[GehG] - Screenshot #21 [GehG] - Screenshot #22

[GehG] - Screenshot #23 [GehG] - Screenshot #24

Terran reinforcements arrive
The GTC Anu and the GTC Siren enter the area to help the Vasudans and the 144th.

The Imhotep launches PVF Septu-class fighters to reconnoiter Ross 128, but the whole operation
seems to be doomed when multiple Shivan fighters, including the SF Hydra, enter the area.

[GehG] - Screenshot #25 [GehG] - Screenshot #26

[GehG] - Screenshot #27 [GehG] - Screenshot #28

Victory at the jump node
The Shivan force has been defeated, but a number of warships have passed through the blockade,
and eliminating them has become a top priority.

The situation at the node has been normalized, and the 144th has been ordered to return to the Veritas fro debriefing.

[GehG] - Screenshot #29

Operations in Delta Serpentis' asteroid belt
The surviving Shivan forces have been confirmed to be located well within the asteroid belt, and a joint GTA/PVN task force sent to deal with them has been completely wiped out. Additionally, it's also been confirmed that other Shivan forces, including a Cain-class cruiser, are there.

Why and how these additional forces haven't been detected remains a mystery,
and Command decides to deploy the 144th ahead of another strike force.

[GehG] - Screenshot #30 [GehG] - Screenshot #31

[GehG] - Screenshot #32 [GehG] - Screenshot #33

[GehG] - Screenshot #34 [GehG] - Screenshot #35

The SF Chimera stealth fighter
During the mission, the 144th encounters SF Chimera-class Shivan stealth fighter.
Because the Chimera cannot be located by sensors, the only way to see it is relying on eyes before it's too late.

Nevertheless, the attacks proceeds and Command sends in multiple wings of bombers to secure the area.

[GehG] - Screenshot #36 [GehG] - Screenshot #37

[GehG] - Screenshot #38

What's going to happen?
Additional screenshots will be posted in the next few days, so stay tuned!

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Nice to see, this is still going on!

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Diabolico - - 21 comments

Great update guys!

Keep it up!

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dill1233 - - 94 comments

Oh my gosh! Those screenies look incredibly done! I love the choice of colors for the galaxies.

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