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Calm Down, Stalin is a realistic hand-simulator game about managing stress and threatening your enemies with nuclear weapons and we've just released the first trailer and started Steam Greenlight campaign! Check it out and support the game if you like it.

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Hello, everyone. The first trailer of Calm Down, Stalin was just released and I'm really excited about it!

"Calm Down, Stalin" started as an Unreal Engine 4 jam game, received nice reviews and was mentioned as a notable participant, which made me willing to continue development and make it into a bigger game eventually.

Screnshot 1

After some weeks of work I'm finally ready to release the first announcement complete with a trailer and some new features!

Smoke your pipe to relieve stress

It is a game where you directly control your hands to threaten your enemies with nuclear weapons by moving your finger closer to The Button while signing important state papers, answering phone, dealing with your subordinates and most of all - fighting the stress of your position by smoking your pipe and any other available means!

Screnshot 2

It still has some development to be done, but hopefully it will be released in a few months with full list of features:

  • a dozen of useful items to help you do your job and distractions that will drive you insane
  • story mode that unlocks more items to use
  • endless mode to challenge yourself and your friends for high score
  • many levels with different objectives and different playstyles

Threaten your enemies with nuclear weapons

I'm planning to write few articles on the game's future and how it works internally, maybe a few tutorials if someone wants it in the nearest future.

Screnshot 3

Meanwhile, check out my twitter for any news and please support the game on Steam Greenlight if you like it!


Roninsaber - - 1 comments

Where is my Hitler simulator

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Iosif - - 88 comments

IKR? Just take this game, swap Hitler for Stalin, all Soviet props for Nazi props and the nuclear button for a Luger.

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