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Bug chasing and fixing a lot of scripts making it more optimised and future proof.

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After hectic months in real life with both work and accidents to where I broke my hand. I started to work on the game a few days ago hunting down some bugs and adding/reworking a lot of scripts to make it more optimized and future proof. Sadly the few testers that wanted to test the game did not come back with any feedback and seem to have gone rogue... But enough of that!

Here are a few things I changed / Added

  • The inventory script(s) is now fully working!
  • Build script was rewritten and is close to fully working
  • Swimming was added
  • Optimizing scripts to improve any lag
  • Behind the scenes fixes

What is next to fix/add?

  • Add oxygen meter for when you are underwater
  • Start work on a cave system
  • Some menu fixing (Like start menu, options menu etc)
  • Crafting system
  • Build menu (For when you want to build a cozy home)
  • Add more equipable items such as weapons and other tools!
  • And a lot more!

Here you can see some footage of the new working systems that will get improved on as times comes by for it. But my main goal is to make the whole game totaly functional without major bugs and then improve of everything once it's done. I cant wait to see what you have to say and if you are interested in the development of this game. Don't be scared to tell me!

Here is the underwater swimming:

Here is the new snapping function on building in-game:

Here is the equip/unequip of items from inventory:

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