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I have released an alpha version of BSG:Dradis Contact for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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I have released an alpha version of BSG:DC for Windows, Linux and Mac.


BSG:Dradis Contact Alpha 0.1 (Windows)


BSG:Dradis Contact Alpha 0.1 (Linux)


BSG:Dradis Contact Alpha 0.1 (Mac)

About the game

BSG: Dradis Contact is a free game about taking control of the colonial fleet in the Battlestar Galactica universe. The player has to use the DRADIS system to take control of the fleet and defend then against the Cylons, a race of sentient machines now trying to destroy the humans.

In this alpha version of the game you can play a single scenario in which you have to defend your battlestars against a Cylon fleet. Destroy the enemy fleet and make sure your battlestars stay alive.

Any feedback and ideas would be appreciated. Enjoy!

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