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Post news RSS Breeze of Chimes - Our 3D Art and Models!!

In today's post we will give you all some information about our game's 3D Art, and how it's progress is going!

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In this post we are extremelly excited to show you all a lot of our 3D Art and Models, since its such a crucial part of a 3D Game, i mean it literally is the entire foundation for the world.

Disclaimer: None of these models have textures yet! That will come soon!

3D Models... and models.... aaaaand models!


As the foundation ( ah ah see what we did there? ) for much of our platforming segments we have pillars, that will be naturally placed throughout the level, challenging players to traverse through them.

1 2

3 2

World Blocks

These are pieces of terrain that will act as the blocks for our terrain, a.k.a. the ground (Not sure why we made it sound that complicated but okay)

2 2

World Lake Blocks

As the name implies these are fundamentally the same as the normal World Blocks but with Space for small lakes with very shallow waters!

4 2


There will be a variety of different rocks throughout the level to just add variety to the overall look of the game.

5 2

Destructible Pots!

Oh this one is fun!

Scattered throughout the level there will be a lot of pots that players can breaking using Empowered Dashes/Blasts and just the normal blast in general if they so wish to! They break apart into tiny little parts, which is extremelly satisfying!

7 1


6 2

Mock-up with the Models

This is a part of the level that we filled with our 3D Models to get a feel for what the overall look of the game will be like! This still lacks a lot of detail, color, and diversity!

Its just an early test!


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