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We just released a new version of BotBrawl with UI improvements, better performance and a launcher. We also build experimental Mac and Linux versions, which seem to work pretty.

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Here's the complete changelog:


- Options for: Shadowdistance, ViewDistance, AntiAliasing

- CoreCube can now be place like any other module.

- Testarea now has a mode to fight against your own bot.

- Game Launcher.


- Radar range does not stack linear anymore.

- Radar range is now displayed in minimap.

- Minimap is now fixed instead of moving with the player.

- non-zoomed crosshair is now more precise

- Bugfixes:

- realignement now stops properly after 1.5 seconds or after dropping below 40% efficiency.

- Map constraints now work as intended.

- Chat Window does not overflow to the right anymore.

- Camera does not move anymore when entering a menu ingame.


- UI performance improved

- UI design changes

- Improved performance of destructible environment objects


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