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Relive Breaking Bad in the latest update to Broke Protocol v0.55. Adding the infamous RV (found in the desert) and the Meth processing pipeline, this new update allows you to create your own drug empire.

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Version 0.55 of Broke Protocol, dubbed the ‘Blue Sky Update’ has gone live. This version takes a lot of inspiration from Walter White and the Breaking Bad series and allows you to rob more drug materials and process Ephedrin to Meth. Meth is the strongest… pain reliever in the game now and can restore a full 100 points of health.

Find the dealer in the prison (remember, jail doors are bombable) and ‘procure’ some Ephedrin off him. Then head to the countryside to find your Felina. The Felina is the new vehicle in the game – an RV you can use to cook the Meth. Yes, that’s right. There is only 1 RV in the map so be sure to bring some toolkits and look after it well.

After you cook some drugs, head back into the city to sell it to the clubs/bars… though you can get more money selling to individuals on the street. Use the ‘Request Trade’ action menu item.

Full changelog includes…
-new vehicle: Felina (RV in the desest, only 1)
-add new drug and material (Ephedrin and Meth)
-meth can be processed at RV
-your headgear now shows correct shadows
-enabled Unity occlusion culling
-optimized ambient occlusion shader
-deferred rendering enabled for better lighting options
-complete network optimizations

Download free alpha at Brokeprotocol.com

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