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Looking for the right path - Assembly RTS will be an immersive strategy game with physics-based online gameplay.

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Welcome back to the devlog series for Assembly RTS -

An immersive, physics-based strategy game with faction customization

Main Capsule 010

Hey guys, last week I continued working on fast pathfinding.
In connection with this, I also started implementing a simple way to automatically rasterize obstacles such as buildings to the navigation grid - So map creators won't have to do extra work after placing structures in a level. I also took steps to ensure the determinism of the navigation system following rigorous testing.

Looking for a better Level Editor Solution

Unfortunately, after encountering new serious problems with the real-time map editor, for what I feel like the hundredth time, I‘m afraid the map editor is simply too unstable and unreliable to keep.

From the start, I‘ve kept encountering issues with this asset (despite the positive reviews).
Dealing with random data corruptions and finding new bugs is costing me too much time.

I see myself forced to look for a different solution.
(Coding my own map editor from scratch would be way too time intensive)

First I‘ll have a look at this open-source solution, early in development.


(I may combine it with a terrain editing library)

I'll also consider this other feature-packed asset to build upon. It has the reputation of being very robust and extendable. The UI is a bit old-fashioned but that is something I could later improve.

Multiplatform Runtime Level Editor

New Design Ideas and Plasticity 3D

On a positive note, I had a new idea for hovercraft designs featuring more organic shapes with brushed chrome surfaces and rounded canopies. A bit like the Aeon in Supreme Commander I suppose.

Aeon Obsidian Tank from Supreme Commander
Idle Obsidian

I first tried my luck in Blender but became frustrated by topology complications.
This is one aspect of 3D modeling I've always strongly disliked- Having to deal with broken topology.
Destructive editing tends to be prevalent at every corner of the creation process. Experimentation is punished by the topology gods.

So I took another look at CAD software. Computer-Aided Design software utilizes Nurbs surfaces and volumes instead of polygons. This has some distinct advantages over polygonal software like Blender.

I tried all kinds of different programs. To my surprise, after some tinkering, Plasticity looks like the most promising program for the job. It's still in beta and lacks non-destructive boolean operations, but making edits to the Nurbs-based geometry is incredibly flexible in this program.

plasticity demo 2 low fps

I'm really excited! I'll create my new design in Plasticity next Wednesday.

Maybe this new concept could form the basis
of the design philosophy of the Legions of Tesem (the bad guys).
The more rectangular, practical dogma could remain with the Order of Pisces (the good guys).
unknown removebg preview 1

Having two factions as originally planned would be awesome.
Thank you for reading. Consider following Assembly RTS on YouTube and Twitter 🙂

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