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New Video, playable demo, and where the game is headed.

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So a lot has changed with Galaxy Heist since I last posted here (sorry about that). After the kickstarter I wasn't sure what the best direction was for Galaxy Heist, I just knew that I didn't want to stop working on it. So thats exactly what I did, just worked on it, which meant less time promoting it on sites like this, but now I'm back to that as well :)

So I've created a new website that has options now for demo testing and getting more financially involved if you're so inclined: Galaxyheistgame.com

Now is when I need more financial help than ever in order to finish a polished demo to present to investors/publishers so that we can at least get the game to a nice early access state. Therefore any help is HUGELY appreciated!

I also made a new video to show off one of the newer features I've been working on. Hope you like it!

Thanks for reading!


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