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Thanks to one of my fellow spring content developers gundam now has ai and in the tradition if the internet, I provide pictures!

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As many of you have seen in the earlier update Quantum has donated some LUA to the gundam cause. This LUAAI does not actually build bases as much as it spawns units. Creating a wave based enemy to slogg it out against your base. Survive however you can, I still am unable to beat it. No worries on release we will have hard and easy settings :).

Rationale for the spawning units.
Conveniently Zeon had many underground bases in Gundam, as did the earth federation. So what happens is this, new underground facility openings spawn at random in the level and in true anime tradition each wave is progressively tougher. Villain of the week... well five minutes as it were. So just pretend that you have shown up and happened to have built a base right above a subterranean enemy base!

So to explain what you are seeing in the video as to confuse less people. The beginning is just a pan around of my base, I am the blue player and the ai is orange. I played for 20 minutes and that is the halfway mark. No worries though, I don't waste time and in no time the ai crawling all over my base. Pretty much the rest of the video is me losing badly because well, I suck. So hey, at least you guys get to see many of the new effects as well! Anyway, that is the short and dirty of it. You will see little hole looking openings in the ground those are the subterranean entrances.

Gundam RTS Game Gundam AI preview. video - Mod DB

oh and also at the end is the new zeon command building which is not textured at this time :P.
in news not relating to the awesome video, KDR has done some great work and has produced a sell button! The sell button is not in the video but it allows you to sell a building off that you no longer want! I don't know about you guys, but I build the wrong stuff all the time! Next in line is a way to repair the mobile suits. The balance is coming along well and primarily we are occupied with creating new content to finalize the release. Work goes steady but slow. I wish I could give a release date but gundam has always been about a commitment to quality.

To those who want to know, the music is by Michael Powell(yes, I misspelled his name in the credits) it is not available publicly as it is not a commercial release.

p.s. sorry for the delay in posting todays update, it takes all evening to make these videos. As a bonus though, this one has unit sounds AND music :).

Hanzie - - 208 comments

Nice updates!

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Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

Wow looks great good work guys i don`t really like gun dam stuff but this looks really nice :D.

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Fireyone - - 79 comments

Looks, AWESOME, but my only beef is the walking and moving animation of the mechs, they need to be a little more... not sure the term, Clunky I guess? Either way I know it's still in the works, but I hope you can get the Animations like that.

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Smoth Author
Smoth - - 1,098 comments

yep, the animations suck, no worries they will get fixed one day. They are just good enough to use for now. There is no bobbing from the rise and fall as the unit runs which gives the mechs little in the sense of weight. I am aware the animations lack a sense of weight though, so no worries, I will work on them, just right now I am working on getting all the models textured and in game.

Of course I would be willing to accept animations if someone volunteers but I can tell you the process is painstaking as it uses actual code for the movement.

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Robots! - - 1,751 comments

i want an ai that is simple and just builds and defends. no attacking

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Smoth Author
Smoth - - 1,098 comments

The ai would die terribly. Any fast mobile suit would blaze past the defenses and ravage the base. At a certain point the turrets become outclassed by the highly agile mobile suits. Past the highly mobile mechs, the artillery units would ravage the base with ease. A defensive player will only last for so long in gundam.

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pullo123 - - 89 comments

looks kinda epic

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