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This devlog contains a synopsis of what we've been working on, the reasoning behind our changes, and some future plans for the game.

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Hi everyone! The game has been progressing nicely, and we would like to share what we've been focusing on lately.


For starters, we finally started to implement a real tileset. That's right: no more default Unity squares. This dramatically improves the look of the game, despite being only a slight change. It's only implemented in the first level so far, but feedback on how it looks is appreciated.

We've been focusing on adding more features to the game that should make for some interesting puzzles. We didn't finish designing levels around all the new mechanics yet, but we have a lot of interesting ideas in store, such as buttons, removable platforms, and pipes to transport foam.


We've also been looking to improve the vacuum (as it was somewhat underpowered before) as well as give players more opportunities to mix up their playstyles. We haven't quite finished up the improved vacuum, but we did add the ability for players to swap weapons.


In the future, we are hoping to add a few more levels involving the new mechanics. After that, most of our work will be on polishing and refining the overall gamefeel before the major release next week.

We look forward to sharing our game with you! Feedback is noted and appreciated!

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