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We are super happy to finally unleash our first major patch to the beta 2.x series on Steam. We've spent the last few months fixing, patching, adding, and changing tons of stuff.

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Beta 2.1 Banner

We are super happy to finally unleash our first major patch to the beta 2.x series on Steam. We've spent the last few months fixing, patching, adding, and changing tons of stuff.

This release, much like the previous have been shaped by the community. We unfortunately could not fit everything people have requested so far in to 2.1, but we are making leaps and strides; marching onward towards the ever-elusive, non-beta release. That being said, we still have a 2.2 planned, and likely a 2.1.1 if things turn out to be really broken. We still have tons of ideas to implement.

If you are not wanting to update yet (simply due to mod compatibility, or other issues), you can always manage what version you are at. Simply disable automatic updates for Wayward in Steam, or change your beta/branch. Get help with this, with the following guide: Steamcommunity.com

But enough about the future, what can you expect right now? We released a short video showcasing some of the new things you can find in the game.

There's tons of stuff not mentioned in the video. If text is more of your thing, have fun with the following giant changelog. Wall of text mode activated!

New (39 changes)

  • Two new monsters added, both with unique abilities.
  • 18 new items added, some with unique uses/placements.
  • Five new doodads added.
  • One new terrain type (tile) added.
  • Your equipment now changes your character's in-world "appearance". Hey, that's the name of the release!
  • Five new milestones added and milestones now have preset hidden/invisible status (instead of randomized) to prevent spoilers.
  • You can now choose the default item use for items in your quickslots (shown as a check mark).
  • Items now have variable weights. They will also transfer to the craft exactly (solving many inaccurate weights previously). Some weights have also been rebalanced.
  • A new dismantle item action has been added to break down items into parts. For example, dismantling a log will produce wooden poles and tree bark. A quest for this has been added to the Starter Quest.
  • Talent has been replaced by "Malignity". You can now increase and decrease your malignity (essentially making the game harder or easier dynamically) by certain actions, crafts, and skill gains. Because of this change, your actual score is now separate from malignity. Hovering over the malignity icon will show all three values.
  • Highlighted in-need-of-repair items (red borders) will now show in yellow (instead of the normal white).
  • Low durability items will now make a unique sound when being damaged.
  • You can now bind keybinds to mouse clicks (1/2/3).
  • New crafts are now highlighted in yellow and disappear after hover.
  • Clicking each inventory sort option will now reverse it when clicked multiple times.
  • You can now sort by decay, durability and quality.
  • You can now hover over world items, doodads, and monsters to get inspection information via a tool-tip (can be disabled in options).
  • There's now a "Pour on Yourself" action for water that will soothe burn injuries. "Cure" items no longer cure this status (medicinal items). Charcoal bandages now heal instead of cure because of this change.
  • Crafts are now also highlighted as you move over items in your inventory, showing what item is used in which craft.
  • Doodad resources, monster loot and corpse carve resources now have random chance added to them. Most previous resources/items remain at 100% chance, although some tweaks were made and new items were added.
  • Prefix and plural support has been added to items, doodads, monsters, and item groups. This will allow for many grammar improvements in text, especially for other languages.
  • The bear now has a swimming graphic.
  • When inspecting wooden chests or items on the ground, items are now listed with qualities highlighted in color and are combined together (for example, 5 tinder).
  • There has been tool-tips added to enable/disable options, describing what each do.
  • There is a new option which binds the item's menu to right-click instead of left click.
  • You can now repair doodads without having to pick them up. Very useful for repairing walls.
  • Added an option for keeping your inventory sort option active (when getting new items).
  • Hints/help and the Starter Quest will now highlight UI elements, items and more based on context.
  • Added carve to the actions menu (if you have item for it).
  • Added an option to skip the Unlok intro.
  • The music now speeds up a bit when you are low on health.
  • Aberrant monsters now sound a bit different from their normal counter-parts.
  • A dialog opacity slider has been added to the options.
  • Three new hints added: "Malignity", "Crafting Failures", and "Moving Items".
  • Added a raft bobbing animation.
  • Added dynamic message loading for the message dialog so the game would not become slow in long playthroughs when using it. This also fixed some potential memory leaking.
  • Added a scroll to zoom option (for those wanting to disable scroll wheel zooming).
  • Zombies and skeletons now can respawn (if not carved up).
  • Added error checking on game importing.

Bugs (29 changes)

  • Fixed an oversight where containers would not actually reduce decay of items.
  • Fixed an AI bug that would lead bears and krakens to get stuck on non-passable terrain too often.
  • Fixed a bug where using the hotkey button for in item menu (1, 2, 3, etc.) would also cause you to use that quickslot number's item.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some hardware configurations and/or installed software to cause Wayward not to be able to run.
  • Fixed a bug where two or more hints could appear at the same time, causing one or more to never trigger again.
  • Fixed a bug where wrought iron could be used for iron bullets/arrowheads.
  • Some items have been removed as repairable that were not intended to be repaired.
  • Fixed an oversight where scared/low health monsters would not try running away from the player as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where locked wooden chest loot was not randomized correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where placing soil over a burning tree would douse the flames, but no other messages or response was generated (did not remove the item).
  • Fixed an issue where message ellipsis was not displayed (when being truncated) when text messages were culled.
  • Fixed an audio issue where sounds would not play again if they were already in the middle of playing.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't really exist where non-flammable doodads could start on fire if their tile below was flammable (grass).
  • Fixed some instances where randomness was not predetermined based on seed.
  • Fixed intensity of blood color on corpses and other particle inconsistencies.
  • Fixed an issue where carving an acid spitter demon was not giving an anatomy skill raise.
  • Fixed the fire strength message not being fully accurate.
  • Fixed an issue where raft usage was not saved when quitting/loading the game.
  • Fixed a bug where travelling/sailing away would remove the water and their containers instead of just the water. Foods eaten on your travels will also return any items they give on being eaten (like seeds) as well.
  • Fixed a bug where gardening would not give the correct skill (Botany/Mycology) based on doodad type.
  • Fixed a bug where the "something in the way of your gathering" message would spam your messages while walking into tree/rock with a corpse on it.
  • Fixed an issue that wouldn't show a cave entrance if it was created over a doodad (like a door, chest, etc.).
  • Fixed a bug where aberrant chances were not being set and used properly (there was supposed to be an increased chance for caves/guardians).
  • Fixed an issue where the player didn't always animate (walk graphic) when passing a turn from certain actions.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed multiple skill raises and milestone increases per gather of resource(s).
  • Fixed mod names getting cropped/cut off in the modding menu.
  • Fixed invalid dialog positions causing the game to render offset (non-centered player).
  • Fixed a bug where blood was not showing under corpses.
  • Fixed some oversights leading to Clay Brick Flooring and Wrought Iron Arrowhead not returning disassembled items.

Improvements (65 changes)

  • Monster pathfinding has been improved. Monsters will now no longer get stuck on other monsters and no longer mirror your actions as much.
  • You can now pick up torch stands while they are lit.
  • Doors/gates are now automatically opened as you move into them.
  • Default weight has been increased by 10 points (however, this is mostly to counter-balance other weight shifts).
  • Doodads now describe their durability on inspect/tooltip.
  • Pressing escape will now close item/action menus, then dialogs, then bring up the quit/title screen menu.
  • The "win" state now requires five unique items to progress. I tried to make that as vague as possible to not spoil it too much.
  • Disassembly added to more items and tweaked return values on some items.
  • Some item disassembly now requires a tool when disassembling.
  • Disassembly now always returns at least one item.
  • Traps no longer fully break on use, they are damaged and returned to the ground as an item.
  • Tooltips are now updated on each turn pass, so you can now see them update in realtime if you are hovering over them as you move.
  • Equippable containers now all have defense/armor values now (backpacks, quivers, etc.).
  • Daily challenge scores now appear different in highscores list (in red).
  • Changed "Utensil" grouping to "Skewer". GAME CHANGING.
  • Many wording improvements added to the Starter Quest.
  • The Main menu UI is now centered. Symmetry!
  • Pouring water on growing plants will now increase their growing speed (not as much as compost).
  • Skill gain rate has been quadrupled in Daily Challenge mode (was previously double).
  • The base amount of monsters in Daily Challenge mode has been doubled, but the initial grouping of monsters around the player has been removed.
  • The date is now logged on each highscore entry.
  • Improved touch control support.
  • Anatomy now effects your healing amount and success rate when using "Heal" items.
  • Strength/dexterity/metabolism/starvation/dehydration now all displayed on hover over stat values to show link between attribute/messages. Messages like "You feel your metabolism slowing." has been replaced with wording that is easier to understand based on these changes.
  • Doodads are now required on repair of some items (like a forge and anvil for metal items).
  • The skill list is now alphabetized.
  • Fixed some milestone description grammar issues.
  • All firemaking items now use the camping skill instead of tinkering.
  • Improved incompatible mod save data when moving up versions.
  • Wooden chests are now flammable and will spill contents on on break.
  • Tall grass now has it's own seed type that grows into tall grass instead of normal grass as it did before. Tall grass can now grow on gravel tiles.
  • Improved inspect accuracy on plant's fertility.
  • Fertility of a plant is now explained a little more clearly.
  • Stoke fire value/strength has added to item tooltips.
  • Proper sentence case has been applied to all text messages. No more "You have damaged A Kraken with An Iron Sword".
  • You are no longer allowed to stoke a stone water still (no purpose/reduction of confusion).
  • Blood no longer hinders actions (like placing doodads, carving, etc.).
  • Keybinds in hints/help now dynamically display to what you have them set to.
  • Aberrant monsters now have have unique particle colors if they differ from their non-aberrant versions.
  • Weight capacity is now shown in tooltip for containers.
  • Covering (or caving in by digging) an entrance will now fill it in on both sides.
  • Wooden doors now have improved graphics/perspective when opened.
  • All flooring/floor names are now consistent across tiles/items.
  • Max durability is now highlighted based on item quality.
  • Added more stamina reduction checks across all actions (all based on skill).
  • Kraken corpses now decay on par with other monsters (increased length).
  • The order in which you drag an item into a container now has an effect on it's placement.
  • Items that revert or change into a different item on use will now keep their position in your inventory (if sorting allows).
  • Skill percentage in a crafting skill will now add extra durability to items.
  • "Trees" are now refered to as a "tree" now.
  • Monsters are no longer split into brackets of difficulty based on talent (malignity), rather, they each have their own values, so monster difficulty will increase much more smoothly.
  • The equipment dialog can now be resized to a smaller width.
  • Fixed lots of miscellaneous grammatical issues.
  • Slowed movement speed down very slightly to help reduce misclicks and improve reaction time.
  • Music now fades in and out instead of stopping abruptly.
  • Digging will now automatically use the "Gather Treasure" action when digging on the exact tile.
  • The anatomy skill hint now reveals that it decreases chance of poison.
  • Acid can now cause burn injuries as well as its normal damage.
  • You no longer get penalized over over-eating/drinking when trying to improve dehydration/starvation and not the other.
  • You can now bind keys to 10, 11, 12 (defaults to 0, -, and = keys) that appear in some lengthy item menus.
  • Many new particle effect instances added (monster swimming, traps, etc.).
  • Monsters will now get damaged (or healed) if they are standing/moving into fire.
  • Slimes can now split on all types of damage sources (including traps).
  • Monsters that heal from your attacks now heal based on the attack damage (instead of based on their max hp).
  • You can now extinguish fires over/on doodads by placing tiles (pile of sand, gravel, etc.).

Balance (32 changes)

  • Reduced stamina regeneration rate slightly.
  • Added slightly higher chance for stamina reduction across most actions.
  • Reduced effectiveness of compost slightly (fertile soil remains at same value).
  • Wooden chests now block monster movement again; however, can be broken down and have their contents spilled.
  • Digging on ash can no longer produce charcoal.
  • Recipe skill levels re-balanced/tweaked for many items.
  • Doubled durability of spyglasses.
  • Bone pole default durability has been doubled.
  • Chickens now have bones when carving.
  • You can no longer close the door when something is in the way of closing it.
  • Leather quivers now require less resources to craft.
  • Living mushrooms no longer potentially spawn at the start of the game.
  • Digging now damages the tool from each attempt.
  • Digging now checks weight as you dig and adds stamina penalties (like other actions).
  • Item durability is decreased on each resource gather attempt now, but minimum chance at resource has been increased.
  • Repairing items now reduces their max durability by a decreased factor of 3 (based on minimum durability) instead of 2 previously (undo of last version change).
  • Locked wooden chests that appear in caves now contain different (lesser) loot than the tattered map/buried variety.
  • Tiles of ash are no longer produced only after the fire is out. Charcoal and piles of ash are no longer spawned out of nothing, and are based on tile/doodads/items in the fire instead.
  • Traps no longer deal "pure" damage to monsters. They now count as blunt and monsters can incur the normal resists and vulnerabilities.
  • There are now durability maximums on items from crafting (based on the item type and quality).
  • Wrought iron items are now half the durability of their iron counter-parts. This was a small increase for most items.
  • Overeating and over-hydrating now reduces a player-scaled amount of stamina.
  • All pick-axes have less attack damage.
  • You can no longer repair and disassemble while swimming.
  • All spears have increased in durability.
  • Increased difficulty skill check for crafting a small amount. The difficulty is also now highlighted if you have a low chance of success in a craft. The messages will now warn and mention the reason for failures.
  • There is a now a limiter in place for base defense as some aberrant monsters were nearly impossible to kill.
  • Monster spawn amount is now limited to 300 monsters.
  • There is now less iron spawns in the overworld. Cave iron spawns remain unchanged.
  • Hobgoblins can now open doors.
  • Creatures that lost interest now have a slightly higher chance to resume their chase quicker.
  • Sharks will now lose interest in chasing on the rare occasion.

Technical/Modder (10 changes)

  • Wayward has been upgraded to Electron 1.2.6.
  • Wayward now runs on TypeScript 2.0 (beta).
  • Particles are now based on tile coordinates instead of based on offset of player.
  • Tile resources have been re-factored to match the rest of the drop systems.
  • OnCraft, OnUpdateWeight, and OnMonsterDamage hooks have been added.
  • Added new item property that allows disassembly without needing to be craftable (craftable: false).
  • You can no longer drag files into Wayward.
  • Fixed an issue where certain mods would break when new items/monsters were added into the game.
  • Fixed a game load issue where the player had an equipped item from a mod that was unloaded.
  • Fixed an issue where global mod save data was clearing itself after each game and another issue where it would delete itself entirely if the game was unloaded/loaded too quickly.
catchthebear - - 94 comments

Looks great. Been on my Steam wishlist for a while now.

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I always loved there pixel games.

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Looks nice..
Is that soundtrack is from game too?

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VaughnRoyko Author
VaughnRoyko - - 75 comments

Yep, soundtrack is completely custom for this game and is included.

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it seems interesting c:

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