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Some general Informations about the epic story in Behind the Horizon (no spoilers)

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Hello, community,

today I want to tell you something about the epic story in Behind the Horizon. Of course, I don't want to put spoilers in here. The story unfolds around the player and his destiny and connects his development on the outside with his spiritual development. In the linear five chapters the player learns more and more about the nature of the world and the magic that fills all living things with life. With the power the player gains, the responsibility for his actions also increases. In the final chapters there are huge changes in the world and finally the story comes to a full circle in one of two possible endings.

In addition to the epic main story, there are numerous quest series, which partly extend through several chapters. The quests are focussed on the people in Woodhome and the Oasis, and the player learns a lot about the inhabitants and has to make some tricky decisions. All inhabitants can be talked to and most of them play a role at some point in the story.

Of course friendship and love cannot be missing in a game like Behind the Horizon, but I won't write anything more about that now.


Release will be in September 2020 !

You can find the latest version of the demo (Chapter 1) on my itch io page. There you´ll find also much more Informationen and Development News.


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