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Physics and colliders now being worked on aside from asset importing

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Hi again. It's Tabuu!

I'm currently working on physics and collisions / collision detection for Feud. Not just asset importing and render creation.

Blue Alloy, the NPC from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, is my test subject. She, and the 3 other Alloys, WILL be appearing in the game. Not as selectable characters but in some capacity. It will be revealed in due time.

I've attached a Rigidbody to Blue Alloy's GameObject / Prefab in order to interact with other physics objects such as wind and floors. I am also attaching Colliders for hurtboxes, directly onto her bones. An example is a specific "Grab" collider around her hip bone.

Hitboxes will function a bit differently, as in they'll be dynamically added onto attack animations via code and removed when no longer needed, not prefabricated like the hurtboxes. Being a modder for Brawl, I will be using the technical knowledge acquired there to my advantage. Sounds will also be added this way.

I wanted to work on playability and such, but the only thing stopping me is that the input isn't working. bizarre: the controllers are recognized but never activated for input purposes. So I might be stuck using Unity's standard keyboard input in the meantime to play back animations and test for glitches. I reached out to Lawrence McCauley, fellow game programmer, who wrote a tutorial on his blog on which I based the input code found in Feud. He's trying to help me solve my issue, and once that's worked out, I'll map stuff to controller buttons for specific and detailed testing. Once all characters work the way I intended and designed, I'll start on AI and maybe enemy / boss characters. Items for the moment are a low-ish priority. Characters and stages are my main focus.

Menus and UI stuff are last on my list.

I've started to make a debugging menu in a similar vein to Melee's famous one.

I have a question for my followers: do you or do you NOT want me to release a demo once I have a few characters and stages made? It would be one demo, unlike Crusade and other fellow fangames who update them with new content.

This is Tabuu with the latest update, signing off.



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When its coming out?

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