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Post news RSS BeardedBear - Update n°13 - Demo 0.1.8b

In this update: Downloadable Demo 0.1.8b, tones of new features and improved old ones, and important news!

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Hey guys!
New build is coming out, with some good news and features.

Everything you see in this article can be played in the demo 0.1.8b, which you can find on our website or directly from IndieDB here:


BeardedBear Demo 0.2.1

OLD DEMO 0.1.8b:

BeardedBear Demo 0.1.8b

Also, if you like this game, feel free to support us voting us for the IndieDB Prize:

  • Social stuff:

    • First of all, we went at the Codemotion event in Milan to showcase BeardedBear for the first time. It was an extremely helpful experience and a big motivational boost for us all, and most importantly it was loads of fun.

  • New Features:

    What new features we have this time around?
    • A new powerup, the portal, has now arrived! It's a Portal-inspired, well, portal, that makes you go through the sides of the screen, coming up in the exact same spot on the other side. It really adds mobility, especially in the later levels.

      portal pup

    • Based on the feedback from the people who played the game at the Codemotion we also decided to keep the beacon powerup as a default feature, so that now the crate is more visible and really easy to spot when it spawns.


    • We revamped the shooter boss with an entirely new sprite and animation. Now it feels less beta and more interesting.


    • The Power Gun joins the party of weapons! Available from the start, it's pretty underpowered as of now, but we will upgrade it with some neat ideas.


    • We added level titles and dates at the start of the level so you know exactly where (and when) you are in the world!

  • Audio:

    • Music got a little upgrade with new drum samples more suited with the style of the songs.
      All the menus now have a sound effect when you select the buttons.
  • Other random things:

    • We decided to disable the heal when you are at full health, both to prevent accidental healing when you don't need to and to help new players understanding how to pick up weapons for the first time, as we noticed many players press down instead of up when they open their first crate, then being confused as why they don't have a weapon equipped.

    • The gui don't shake anymore with the screenshake.

    • The healing cooldown timer has a new sprite.

    • Health bars now have a numeric indicator for better perception of your remaining life points.

    • We are working on a new, better tutorial, because we think the current one is poorly written and too much of a walltext to be fun.

    • We are also working on a new trailer with all the features that we added in these months.

    • Fixed also a problem with the vsync that caused the game to run at 45fps instead of 60fps on some PCs.

That's it for this update, we are working as hard as we can to begin the Kickstarter, and i think that on the next one there will be good news about it!

See you next time,
Stay Bearded.

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