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After 2 years of absence I decided to revive this project. It previously died due to my frustration of the game sinking into obscurity in the play store and my inability to counteract this

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The games back on track. Last year I was in a kind of depressive mood and had no fun developing games. But as it is with gamedevs, of course I also couldnt just be still. So I ended up working on a 3D engine for android which I am using for my current main project I will post here as well at a later time.

Anyways, now that my main project has taken some shape reminding me of an actual game, I somehow started to look back at my old projects to see what I did right and wrong there and learn from my errors. And while doing this I ended up finding this game again and DANG I had fun playing it. I really remember why I actually created it in the first place, I had fun playing it.

So I decided to give things another go. Please feel free to play and test the game! Any feedback is welcome you may bully me to hell and back. In particular, I am aware that there are major issues with the controls and I would like to hear as many thoughts on this as possible.

TyrfingEX Author

Here is the link to the app store


You can also directly get the .apk from indiedb.

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