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An explaination of one of the trading mechanics in the game.

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Hey all!

This will be the first detailed gameplay news article!

This time, it's about a part of the trading and income system.

As you can read on the main page, your main income sources are your trading stations. You have to build these to be able to gain tax income from trading. These stations are critical for a higher-level economy to work.

Firstly, some basic information. There will be several levels of products. I will show an example here:
Level 1 - Raw resource
Level 2 - Primitive (intermediate) product
Level 3 - Basic (intermediate) product
Level 4 - Advanced (intermediate) product
Level 5 - High-tech product

Now, for income, these products will be traded. Here is a proportional tax income table:
Level 1: 1x income
2: 4x
3: 16x
4: 64x
5: 256x

A higher production level, requires better developed areas, with better infrastructure and security.
Because of this income mechanic, it is very rewarding to develop regions well.

A side effect of this will be, that rushing is being discouraged. When you rush, you seize many territories in a short time. As a side effect of this, you will mainly produce level 1 and 2 products. These won't give you much income, but you do have very high upkeep costs for the fleet and government. Because of this, you have a huge financial disadvantage in comparison with players who don't rush.

This simple mechanic heavily discourages rushing on large maps (rushing on small maps is still possible though).

As you can see, simple mechanics can have large impacts on gameplay.

Now feel free to comment on this article!

Till the next time,

JustDaveIsFine - - 1,545 comments

I personally see the proportions a pretty high jump, mostly the jump from 4 to 5. But, I mean what could I really know about gameplay?
Just noting it.

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dirtbag007 Author
dirtbag007 - - 521 comments

well, the thing is, that this mechanic makes it very rewarding to develop areas, so level 4 and 5 products get produced.

We'll release more details in the future.

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