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Based on player feedback I made updates to the game. The big changes were to the boss battles and an added tips/hints feature.

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Version 1.04 Update

It's been awhile since my last post. Thought I would give an update. I've been receiving a lot of feedback from players. One of the biggest complaints is that the game was too hard, especially the boss battles. In response to this, I changed up the boss attacks to make them a lot easier. The details are in this video.

I then found out that a lot of players were skipping the tutorial and going straight into the game. Consequently, they didn't know how to play and struggled beating the enemies. In response, I added Lao Pi tips in the first level. Ral's mentor Lao Pi will now give him tips from time to time on how to execute attacks and hints on how to defeat opponents. I made a video about it. Want to see it? Here it goes...

Finally, I decided to update some of the graphics in the game. Originally, I had used a lot of tiles from this pixel pack I bought off of the Unity store. As I made more and more levels, I ended up drawing most of my own tiles. The earlier levels still had the extremely pixelated tiles so I'm switching those out little by little. The example below shows the original entrance to Thorin's cave.

User Posted Image

Now here is the new version.

User Posted Image

I think it looks better. Well, that's all I have for now. The free demo is available, and I'm looking for Warriors to give feedback. Thanks.


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