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Regular updates! Backgrounds in the working + game concept/short narrative.

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Well well well...
It seems we're back once more, and this time with a little bit more than just one small concept for a toaster. That's right! Today we bring you some of the buildings that we will use in our background!

Oh? But you might be confused on what the game is about then, right? I mean. The concept did change a whole ton...

In that case, I hope you don't mind a bit of text because here it comes:

What we at SusoGames are trying to achieve here, is a Beat'em'up cartoon style video game, about a time traveler who only wanted to make perfect toasts every time. But instead, went a tad bit too far and accidentally created a time machine!!! It's still incomplete and even he doesn't quite get what went wrong. Because of that, he was sent into the future and has to find a way to return!

However, it's not that easy as the Time Police isn't happy with an unidentified time traveler, suddenly appearing out of nowhere. And are ordered to arrest him with any means necessary!

Now, without further delay, here are our images for the week. Next week we will post the final ones, with a few other ones we finished.

Artboard 2Artboard 1 1

Building 2Building

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