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Details of the upcoming expansion and refinement of Flickernaut.

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We are excited to announce that Flickernaut is back in development! Due to the overwhelmingly positive reception of our once student project, we have decided to expand beyond what we were able to accomplish during that short time. Developers and players alike fell in love with our stranded astronaut and sympathized with their plight. We want to further develop this character - their history, motivations, personality - and the world to which they belong. We have also discussed how to bring new puzzles and stealth encounters into the game, while still maintaining the core gameplay loop and the features that make the Flickernaut experience unique. Over the course of development, you can look forward to the following additions and enhancements:

A fully fleshed-out story, complete with surprises, intrigue, and overarching villain.

Multiple new worlds, each with unique aesthetics, puzzles, and stealth experiences.

Streamlined aesthetics, including new and more detailed assets.

New, powerful abilities that can be obtained in each world.

Additional enemies and more dynamic encounters, requiring the player to use every tool at their disposal.

New original music, cutscenes, and more!

We look forward to revealing more in the coming months and receiving your feedback as development progresses. Thanks to everyone who has supported us thus far and made this journey possible. Stay safe, and happy flicking!

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