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Fast paced gameplay with high difficulty, in-depth mechanics, and cooperative multiplayer. Action combat in confined dungeons with swarms of enemies, environmental hazards, and tough bosses.

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Steam Page: Store.steampowered.com

Trailer: | Download: Dropbox.com Trailer 1GB.mp4?dl=0

Cooperative Multiplayer

  • Revive, heal, damage boost, raise defense, and remove debuffs from your allies. Reduce the defense and remove buffs from the enemies.
  • Online multiplayer with no limit on the amount of players.

Cooperative Gameplay 6 Resized

In-Depth Mechanics

  • Clear dungeons to gain Ability Points, and unlock new abilities.
  • Gain Skill Points when leveling up, and use them to enhance those abilities.
  • Find synergy between abilities and skills.

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High Difficulty

  • Challenging game mechanics to master.
  • Get swarmed by enemies; each with differing attacks.
  • Face hard hitting bosses, with several devastating attacks.
  • Avoid environmental dangers, such as lava and chasms.
  • Survive with a fragile amount of HP.

Enemy Attacks 2 Resized


  • Battle in a free-for-all with other players.
  • Respawn instantly for constant action.

Lava Chasm PVP Attacking Resize


  • Immediately get back into the action after a game over, with frequent checkpoints and no loading times.
  • Damage enemies/bosses and avoid their attacks, at the same time.
  • Enemies and bosses are always vulnerable, and have attacks that require quick reflexes to avoid.

PVP Boosting Resized


  • Set your name, and its color.
  • Gain Equipment Points by leveling up and completing dungeons, to unlock and equip upgraded swords and shields.

Equipment Upgrades 2 1

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