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Development, Contributors, Steam Greenlight and more !

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Whats happening this week in development ?

Its been a week already?! Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed,shared,followed and spread awareness about this project!

We've all be working eagerly on content for the game and making improvements to the Alpha. The general response on IndieGoGo and Steam has been very encouraging and we're already 39% of the way to the Top 100 on Greenlight !

We'll be posting updates at least once per week with a list of what we've been up to and the amazing people who're helping make Atajrubah a reality !

If you haven't seen the campaign and what we're offering in return for your help, please do check it out and let us know your thoughts. Thank you !

[Atajrubah IndieGoGo]


- Attack Code for AI entities

- Decompose functionality so that creature and player corpses decompose over time, eventually leaving a pile of bones behind.

- Script Hooks for animation, this will allow us to fill in all the contextual animations.Determining what animations to use when the player has a certain weapon equipped or when in a certain state. e.g : When a player has taken damage to their left leg, the walking animations would change to account for this.

Dan has been working on some awesome new building assets.
Joe has been working on fixing up and texturing the Dhow from the trailer.

AJ has been composing a theme for the game, if all goes well we'll be able to share something with you this week !

This week's awesome people !

Contributors :

- Remo Strotkamp
- L.Pacheco
- Juan Lorenzo Atienzar Godoy
- Jeger Trynet
- Anonymous
- Mohammed Al-Sahaf
- Annelia Robinson
- Alexis Mirsky
- Tanya Johnson
- Martin_c_a_36
- Anonymous


Juan Lorenzo Atienzar Godoy, Andrea Marinelli, Senad Hrnjadovic, Dimitri Albino, Michael Patrick Rogers, Keith Killilea, Joel Richardson, Antoine Da Cruz, Lionheart X10, Gilbert Drees, pierobosco, Nicole O'Dell, Jason Cheng, Kenneth Caselli, Seon King, Jakub Machowski, Jack Newman, Frank Fish, DJ Midli, samtygier, John Pross, Raul Arnaiz, 4TWELVE PICTURES, Thomas Blickling, Jorge Vaquero, Michael Ballentine, Shree Kant Bohra, Richard Cook, Delyth Angharad, Dragos Ioan Coste, Chris Fox, Niki Eways, Sam Boost.

Atajrubah Coverage Online:

In addition to the awesome contributors above. we also received coverage from these folks !

[IGN Middle East]

[Game Sphere]

[Games in Asia]

Best Regards and Much Love
Alan Robinson and the Atajrubah Team

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