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January 2023 developer update for Asteroid Defender!

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To start the year off we are spending some time playing in the stars. Lots of work has been done cleaning up various loose ends with Early Access development tasks for Asteroid Defender!

JanuaryUpdate ADR Cover

The update released back in November of 2022 brought the game a lot closer to its final form - but there are still items on the checklist that we would like to complete - plus additional polish and tweaking of the core gameplay. Significant work has been done already to the asteroid wave system in order to improve the flow of the game. However it has continued to be a main focus to start off the new year. This includes finally getting the difficulty system fully implemented and tuned. Next up on the agenda is to finish implementing the flight school tutorial. After that.... time to re-evaluate and perhaps finally release Asteroid Defender! from the confines of Early Access. Expect another update or two though while the game remains in Early Access.

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