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We launched the Steam page for our upcoming open-world action RPG Ars Notoria. Find out more about the game and its development.

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Hey everyone!

We recently announced our new survival-action RPG "Ars Notoria" and wanted to share some information about the game and its development progress with you. We will be posting development journal entries a few times a month until the game's release. In this first entry, we wanted to explain what is Ars Notoria and the main ideas behind the project's development.

Ars Notoria is not a typical survival game or RPG instead it blends together some elements from these two genres and more. You will have access to features from survival games such as harvesting resources, discovering new crafting recipes, and constructing buildings using freely placeable modules. But these mechanics are totally optional for the game progression and if someone doesn't want to use crafting or building, it's totally possible to complete the game without them.

We also didn't want to include mechanics that require constant grinding like filling the hunger or energy meter. And we also implemented a bunch of methods to make resource harvesting easier and more fun or even avoid it at all. For example, you can gain resources by just destroying environmental objects or by using weapons instead of harvesting tools. So, if you are not interested in chopping down trees, just shoot a rocket barrage at them and you will get all the resources you need! During the game you will also build your own faction, so you can just give orders to your faction members and they will collect resources or craft items for you. In this case, you can automate everything and instead of grinding resources focus on world exploration, completing quests, or any other activity that you would like to do.

Another significant difference from pure survival games is that in Ars Notoria you will start the game in the region with a large capital city and various villages scattered around it. While there is still plenty of places to explore like woods, caves, ruins, and dungeons, you will also be able to visit sprawling settlements and take quests there, trade items, or even get your own houses and workshops. With the settlements also come other benefits of role-playing games that are often absent in survival games such as the branched main story progression and side quests, recruiting characters to join your party, and creating your own faction of adventurers.

Overall, we wanted to create a game that is very open-ended, encourages exploration of the game world, and doesn't force players to do activities that they don't like. So, you can choose your own way of progressing throughout the game whether it's a peaceful building of your own faction, aggressive fighting against powerful enemies and clearing out dungeons, or revealing secrets behind the main story events by completing quests.

Thank you so much for checking out our development progress!

You can find more information about the game here:

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