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Arizona Derby is action-packed racing game set at the world's harshest off-road conditions and fascinating landscapes. It’s home to the most intense racing adventures and place for showing off your ultimate driving stunts while pimping your rides and beating the gangs and their bosses around the globe.

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Welcome to the Arizona Derby, home to the most insane off-road racings and the ultimate competition that brings together world's best racers, pimping up their expensive supercars, storming them of the most exotic off-road tracks, all over the world.

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These guys with ease turn their million-dollar machines into off-road rigs, crash them over hills like they’re nothing…This is Arizona Derby lifestyle. It’s all about insane racings at crazy off-roads around the globe and you’re invited to do so. You will be given the first car and yours is to show skills, pack fame and earn more; one by one, to take it to the top.

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You will have to beat the world best off-road gangs and their bosses at the harshest track conditions. When you beat all gang members, you'll compete with their bosses. Each boss has its weak side and you need to find it and utilize in order to leave them in dust and dirt and take a win.

In the way to stay competitive, you will upgrade, customize, tune and buy new rides from over 90 supercars, check around the garage and do your best preparation, proving to the world who’s the real off-road boss.



For an action-packed indie racing game, Arizona Derby looks promising.

I won't deny its what seems to be of triple-A quality graphics.

You get an standing ovation from me Falcon Interactive!

Great job.

And thank you for sharing this.

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falconinteractive Author

Thank you very much for these kinds of words, we are racing fans for long ago (back from lcd racings games in the 80s lol) and we did with AD what we really want to see and play for a while, the focus is on intense and always interesting gameplay.

We know the details were very important and we spent a lot of time polishing some things to the perfection to bring it to the people (even some parts are going over details of much bigger titles, so we will not release EA and told to Community to imagine rain and dirt on the cars in distant future, to imagine there will be 100s of cars and tons of levels and that we will do very detailed customizations.. no, we did them, it takes a while but it's really worth, at least we enjoyed it and soon broad masses hopefully can see with critics eyes.

We test gameplays tens of thousands of times and when we reach a new level, we set higher goals and then again polished, tests, improve get more details, for many times and this what currently is, is something that we're very satisfied in gameplay, functional and visual terms and we enjoyed it as racing fans, so practically can't wait to see broader reaction, as Arizona Derby game is imagined to gets overextended with content, to brings tons more interesting cars/racing stories, more actions, Community involving into this processes with idea to deliver ultimate racing fun.

Btw we're just team of 2.

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