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Today we launch Aries into early access, and as you read this, it should be out on steam. I am excited to see what you all think of it and am looking forward to getting feedback from you all.

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What's next for Aries?

With Aries launching today I thought it would be a great time to share the roadmap to launch with you and get some feedback on it. While I will constantly be working to fix issues and proved minor updates, there three major updates planned to get Aries to launch.

Phase 1: The emperors and merchants update

This update will be looking at the campaign map and ship to ship combat. The plan is to rework the diplomacy and campaign AI to be more in line with the original goals; this will add a trespass mechanic and allow the creation of complex deals with the AI. The campaign map and the unit roster will then be updated to reflect the addition of rare materials and trade routes. The factions ships will also get a makeover with many of the ships having new variations or abilities added to them.

(What diplomacy looks like now)

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(What diplomacy might look like above)

Phase 2: Planetary defence

In this update, the objective will be to add more depth to the system takeover mechanics. There will be the addition of new maps, missions, and the ability to build defensive buildings. A likely addition to the building you will be getting is the orbital defence system which will cause fleets in orbit to take damage until they are disabled through a mission. All of the factions will also get some new units to help them.

Phase 3: Spec Ops

This will be the final part of getting Aries fully launched. The Aim of the Spec Ops update will be to add in special units that function independently of your main armies. These elite units will be able to undertake missions to help your armies in their conquest of the galaxy, an example of this would be to have your spec ops unit disable an orbital defence system ahead of your main invasion.

Working with the players:

While it is great for there to be a plan for launch and a goal to aim at, I think it is also important to be available to respond to player feedback. In between the main launches of content to get Aries to launch, I will be doing regular updates to resolve any issues people have and to make improvements based on the community feedback. I would like to encourage anyone with an idea for improvement or that runs into a bug to drop me an email at admin@wirlwith.com or to post about it on the Steam community page.

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