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We have been working on redesigning our first map Aquila Plains in the past month! We have been releasing screenshots on our other social media outlets sneak peaks, but for IndieDB we decided to include all of our screenshots and sneakpeak with gameplay screens! :) We hope you like the screenshots and provide us with feedback!

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Gameplay footage of the bridge in Aquila Plains with an ammo pack on the right!

Gameplay Bridge 1

In this gameplay screenshot the underpath of the bridge is in view.

Gameplay Underpath Bridge 1

Gameplay screen underneath the ruins!

Gameplay Ruins   Under Bridges 1

Gameplay footage of the dark cave in Aquila Plains

Gameplay dark cave 1

Screen of the bridge underpath from a different angle!

Screen Bridge AmmoPack Underpath 1

Close look on the underpath of the bridge!

Screen Underpath of bridge 1

The ruins from a different angle

Screen Sand and ruins 1

Tall grass and ruins, perfect for escaping an enemy!

Screen Tall Grass 1

Entrance to the cave!

Screen Entrance to cave 1

Small hole in the cave to provide a glimmer of hope when travelling through it!

Screen Dark Cave 1

Enter the cave and find the secret hidden in it!

Screen Cave with a secret 1

Thank you for taking the time to read and observe our screenshots and footage from our Aquila Plains Map! We hope you can follow us on our blog as well and keep up to date with us with news and gameplay footage on our social media accounts as well!

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