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This article is about some animations' improvements of main hero.

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In this article I would like to jumpdowndescribe the existing motor skills of the main character and look out for some new skills. The existing motor skills are as follows:

  • walking,
  • crouch
  • walking while crouching
  • jump forward
  • jump up
  • running
  • turn back while running
  • jump while running
  • satching shelves at different heights during the jump
  • lowering the shelf


runjumpdownRecently added animation is:

  • the animation of the descent from the shelf located high above the ground, and lower-pitched above the ground;
  • run off from the shelf
  • animation of legs work before character get the end of the shelf, that animation of next move (jump or jump off) is smothly continued.


In future there will be much more animations and motor abilities of main chero, for example climbing, wall jumping, swiming or using rope.

Below is a video showing old and new animation in action.

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I haven't been following this however I have seen some updates. What comes to mind is : when knowing how far & high the distance of the jump is, using different ways to animate the jump. For example, if the location is 1/2 high and relatively close, he could jump with the target of placing his knee/leg a bit higher, directly on top of the surface, right now his leg goes through the surface.
That would take some raycasting and a different jumping animation, but it would help look a lot cleaner.
One thing I feel it's missing is proper inertia, from very fast, it goes straight into a stop without leaning a bit, perhaps one small step would help, or when grabbing the edge, it doesn't balance.
Other interesting interactions would be : descent into grab, descent directly into jump ( one leg ), descent into turn & grab.
GJ, Cheers ! :)

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app2d Author

Thanks for your sugestion. You read in my mind. Becouse most of these improvements I'm going to do. I didn't think about your first sugestion about more jump animations, but it's good idea. So, be patient. I belive You can watch your ideas in future.
Cheers! :)

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