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Post news RSS Apastron Episode 3 Time of Crisis launches on Steam!

Apastron's final expansion now available for all owners of Apastron on Steam & Itch.io.

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Apastron Episode 3 Time of Crisis

Synopsis: Crossover time? The Mystical Creature Absurdia is traveling to Coelho #6 at an alarming pace. The Apastron returns to build a team to take down Absurdia and save the multiverse. Calling upon the heroes from Vacancy Unlimited, Otter Space Rescue, Entodrive, & Spryward to hold a last stand. Explore new parts of Coelho #6 and face off against one of your timeless foes.

Changes :

  • +New Fast travel Location Lovrow
  • +6 New Levels
  • +New Boss Fight
  • +2 New cutscenes
  • Lunge speed is increased and is more effected by where you're looking
  • Slam replaces melee in the air, so if you're in the air and melee you will slam now
  • Slam shoots you up into the air before shooting you downward
  • Aug Damage +
  • Super G Firing Rate +
  • SMG11 Damage +
  • Ace Damage +
  • SMG4 Damage +
  • AA12 Damage +
  • Added more achievements for Episode 3 related content

Q & A :

How do I start Episode 3?
Meet Prax'd Greason in Central 98 after defeating Monsterous Martha.

How do I get to Lovrow?
After traveling to the Technovista you can access Lovrow through the Central 98 Sewers

How do I get into Lovrow Temple?

Head north through the Lovrow Marsh.

Where can I see more of the new characters featured?

Vacancy Unlimited -

Spryward -

Entodrive -

Otter Space Rescue -

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