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Some information about a new and upcoming update, which might be the biggest one yet :)

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Although this is currently in planning, I decided to let you know (either way) that I'm still "not quite" done with the game. I recently had an idea.

Update 1.2 will have a new gamemode called "True Survival", which completely changes up the game. This mode will be a "rather" difficulty mode, best suited if you know what you're doing xD. This is still in planning phases, but here are some things that are planned to appear.

- A map that is estimated to be around 3x bigger than the normal map.
- Most basic mechanics changed up.
- Enemies may be the same, but their AI isn't really quite the same.
- No real goal, other than "staying alive" as long as you can/want.
- Endurance (or Hunger) meter.
- Varied loot.
- Among other things.

And as a sidenote, I still haven't seen any LPs of the game, because NOBODY made any new ones. So if you wish to help motivate me, you know what to do! :)

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