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Lunacy - The Survival is a slightly uneven mix of objective-solving and survival, with possible "eeriness". Boasting its "PAL" system, the player is able to replay this (short) game with multiple difficulties that the player unlocks over time. And the player can assume whatever story and identity that they want.

After I lost "Lunacy - The Darkness", and cancelled several more projects, I decided to create a new game, mixing the former with a couple of the latter projects. Here comes Lunacy - The Survival (hopefully my first [ever] finished game).

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Although this is currently in planning, I decided to let you know (either way) that I'm still "not quite" done with the game. I recently had an idea.

Update 1.2 will have a new gamemode called "True Survival", which completely changes up the game. This mode will be a "rather" difficulty mode, best suited if you know what you're doing xD. This is still in planning phases, but here are some things that are planned to appear.

- A map that is estimated to be around 3x bigger than the normal map.
- Most basic mechanics changed up.
- Enemies may be the same, but their AI isn't really quite the same.
- No real goal, other than "staying alive" as long as you can/want.
- Endurance (or Hunger) meter.
- Varied loot.
- Among other things.

And as a sidenote, I still haven't seen any LPs of the game, because NOBODY made any new ones. So if you wish to help motivate me, you know what to do! :)

What to expect?

What to expect?


This article is meant to explain several things that the player should know before playing the game.

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Lunacy - The Survival (1.1.1)

Lunacy - The Survival (1.1.1)

Full Version

The full version of Lunacy - The Survival (version 1.1.1) Changelog contains patch notes. Use a program like Bandizip or 7zip in case you don't know how...

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