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Post news RSS And The Kickstarter Is Over... A Success At 6% Funded!

"James - Journey of Existence," the hand-animated 3D game was unsuccessful on Kickstarter, but sometimes there are things more important than money...

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The Kickstarter campaign for "James - Journey of Existence" was a huge success!

We got $312 funded of our %5,000 goal (a little over 6%). 28 backers in total contributed to that. Why do I call this a success?
Because a game that no one knew existed a couple months ago has been seen by thousands of people online.
Because I've gotten praise and hopeful comments on the potential of this game.
Because I've gotten criticism that can help me learn how to improve the game as it gets closer to completion.
Because I've made connections and friends from several people through Kickstarter across the globe.
I've said since the beginning that I fully intend to make "James - Journey of Existence," whether or not this Kickstarter was successful. The funding was to get feedback, and to help improve the quality by hiring talented individuals. With no money but still some encouraging support, I will still continue to work on "James" until he looks his best and will seek other options to see this completed. I can't wait until you all see him again later this year...- A.H. (Also, I feel that knowledge comes from experience and failure, and consider myself a expert on what NOT to do for a successful Kickstarter campaign. Look for blog posts on this and further development on "James - Journey of Existence" on Fromdustscratch.com throughout the months. Fantastic opportunities have come of it, and if possible, I will do everything I can to see this game completed by the end of 2014.)

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