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With a new phase of alpha new challanges await for the development of the mod as well as more exciting things.

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So, we have reached phase 3 of the alpha of this mod. Yeah because I love to split the development into phases based on what is being worked on and how involved have I became. The first phase was from start to about august of 2018 where the mod was just a rework. The second was from there up until january 2019. The third phase is on going right now and has been since february and a few days in january. That was teh fun fact part of the post. The actualy content is coming.

So, why does this matter? Well because I have started to work on the different paths of the mod that leads to different endings as well as different parts of the story that gets unveiled for the player. That's right, you will have to play the mod at least twice to get the full story. Or that's the plan for now. I'm right now planning on making a completely custom monster just for the Assylum, the new scary part of the "Gold path" (the other path is the "Guardian path"), which will be fully documented and I will make a little teaser blog post about it once done.

I was also ironing out some smaller things from the already done levels and have started to make custom music for the mod (well they are more remixes than entirely new custom songs) that will set the tone for it.

What is planned in the future? Well other than the previously mentioned things, I plan to make narration for flashbacks and maybe some notes like in the base game. Important to note that all of these are just plans since I'm just a one-man development "team" with a great imagination. Also my life is getting busier with each passing day but I want to make this mod awesome badly so I will not abandon or rush it even if it takes me 3 years so don't worry, even if I'm not posting updates for months, the mod is BEING WORKED ON. I just probably either ran out of free time to make enough progress to justify an entire post or I don't want to spoil too much of the mod :D

Love ya'll

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