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Eleon Game Studios releases Alpha 4.1 with many bug fixes and several improvements (e.g. zoom for turrets, AMD animations, stronger multitool etc).

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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Ready for the pre-Halloween Weekend with Empyrion - Galactic Survival? We finished version 4.1 with more refinements, tweaks and bugfixes just in time!

As the transition to Alpha 4 has caused some inevitable workload for updating blueprints and prefabs, we have added more functionality and a new command for bringing your favorite builds up to speed!

Other Improvements range from making the HV weight balancing more convenient (by adding smaller artificial weight blocks), removing purified water from our high-tech self-hydrating concrete to make it more affordable in the early game, up to giving faction members access to all terrain placeables.

Also important for our builders and engineers: the T2 Multitool got stronger, especially for the high end materials! No tedious grinding of Combat Steel anymore. But maybe you should now handle it with some extra care. ;-)

Have a look at the other tweaks and re-balancing changes below.

If you want to dive into "Empyrion - Galactic Survival" for the weekend, maybe with your friends that do not own the game yet, this is a good chance: we are on a 50% sale on Steam right now. Get your game key for $9.99 and have fun playing!

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback, while helping us to squash the remaining bugs. :)

Cheers and have a great weekend!

Empyrion Dev Team

Changelog: Alpha 4.1.0 (Build 677)

AMD improvements:
- AMD maximum and minimum source quality now scaled relative to the savegames max-min deposit sizes for the selected difficulty level (before: fixed overall scale)
- Added new animations to AMD: it now opens/closes the shields and rotates them
- Animations + drill laser effect are only triggered when AMD is actually mining (thus you now see from far away whether AMD is active)

The AMD is now closed (Tier 2 and 3) and mining laser is switched off when it is not mining:

Console commands for managing blueprints:
- Added new console cmd 'prefabinfo' to obtain detailed info about a BP that is in your BP library. You can now easily identify and replace the forbidden blocks. For example, sometimes there are old blocks in the prefabs that can render a blueprint red in the library.
- You can now also replace single forbidden blocks as follows. Open the console and write:
“replaceblocks [EntityID] [ForbiddenBlock] DummyBlock”
(yes, we added a block called "DummyBlock"). Then just remove or swap the DummyBlock with a suitable device or block. Combined with the prefabinfo-command, this is the way to go in SURVIVAL, where you can not spawn RED blueprints for removing the forbidden blocks or run the BP Converter command.
- BP Converter command update: Added old non-automated Large Constructor and Food Processor to "replaceblocks [EntityID] -alpha4" console command (+ adjusted their names to make clear they are obsolete blocks).
Note: the command will update all blocks of the blueprint, but you first need to place it in the world in CREATIVE mode and get its EntityID. Just open the console and type in ID. Go close to your blueprint and note down the ID, which is shown in the info panel on top of the screen.
- Added console cmd 'ents' to show all spawned entities

Now you can zoom in with your turrest using the scroll wheel:

General improvements:

- Added Zoom for turrets
- Improved weapon shooting on all mounted weapons (SV / HV / CV): the weapons should now shoot accurately - try them out on your shooting range
- Faction members can now access and pick up terrain placeable devices that have faction access allowed
- When item menu (Creative or activated via console command) is open, items that are shift-clicked out of the toolbar are now put into trash.
Note: Works only in creative mode (H-button) or when activated via console command in Survival mode. It does not happen when your player- or container inventory is open in survival mode!
- Materials available in Output Area now count to "available resources" in template info
- Advanced constructors now put any remaining intermediate products in its Inventory and not in Output grid
- Added Hover Engine/Hover Booster info to Vessel Statistics Window for HV
- Added info about "max consumption" of a vessel to control panel
- Added 3 new artificial mass blocks for HV balancing: 250, 500, 1250 kg (de-activated 2500kg artificial mass block)

We adapted the light intensity on all starter prefabs:

General tweaks:
- Tweaked multitool: It should now be much stronger (especially multitool T2) - handle with care when using it ;-)
- Tweaked starter prefabs:
* Adapted light intensity on all BA / CV + some SV to adapt to linear space
* Added doors / shutter blocks to groups in control panel
* Upgraded BA / CV with new blocks
- Tweaked templates: Concrete Blocks do not need water anymore -> makes concrete much more attractive in beginning
- Added 20 Unlock Points for completing the techtree
- Tweaked hitpoints on building blocks: half HP for thin compared to full blocks
- Tweaked templates and reduced craft time for some intermediate components
- Tweaked model of CV Cockpit 2 (reduced size of console part)
- Increased Moneycard value of ZIRAX/NPC drops
- ATM: Withdraw is now limited to 50k credits per click (i.e., Each moneycard can only hold 50k credits)
- Changed: Crushed stone can now be found in lower layers - but: reduced drop probability of it

The Multitool is now much stronger - handle with care:

- Improved main hull texture: Reduced scratch effect and improved metallic look
- Updated model of emergency o2 generator
- Adjusted drill particles to better match day/night conditions
- Enabled "deferred reflections" on all blocks
- Updated several preview pictures
- Adjusted colors of structural integrity SI Effect

We added "deferred reflections" on all blocks:

(btw: this is "Katey's Beach House With Basement" - an awesome blueprint available on the Workshop Steamcommunity.com)

The new model for the emergency O2 generator:

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that turrets which were built below ground or filled up with terrain (e.g. fillertool) could shoot through mountains (now auto turrets do not shoot anymore if buried)
- Fixed: Problem that Hover Engine/Booster were still activated even when switched off in Control Panel
- Fixed: Infinite loop caused by repair block resulting in freezes, crashes and damaged save games
- Fixed: Problem that terrain place-ables could be destroyed in PvE
- Fixed: Error or Freeze when opening Inventory on MP and SP or when opening Player Setup (for some players with weak GPUs)
=> Overall Texture Resolution (except Character Model) is limited to "Half" if Video Memory is 1GB or Less
=> Texture Resolution of Character Models is limited to "Half" if Video Memory is 2GB or to "Quarter" if Video Memory is 1GB
- Fixed: Problem that Epic Weapons could be sold in Market but not bought
- Fixed: Problem that Repair Block was not colorable
- Fixed: Problem that sometimes POIs were not nicely placed (ugly cutout of terrain)
- Fixed: Vessels shooting themselves in 1st Person if weapons/cockpit is set back too far
- Fixed: Problem that thrusters used power even when turned off
- Fixed: Problem that map / radar icons of terrain placeables sometimes did not show properly on map
- Fixed: Problem that it was not possible to blueprint structures with Alien Core in Creative mode anymore
- Fixed: Shadow issue with stairs, elevators, shutter windows, railings (before these blocks did not take any shadow and were thus overbright)
- Fixed: Colour issue on Preview/Block Placement with Stairs, Elevators, Shutter Windows, Railing, Walkways etc
- Fixed: Exploit: food processor chain - create endless food (MP only)
- Fixed: Problem that weapon hold position was different between Male and Female
- Fixed: Problem that de-activated vessels had no updrift in water
- Fixed: Problem that handheld weapons could also damage combat steel
- Fixed: Problem that drill T1 and T2 could damage certain blocks and devices
- Fixed: Destroying/removing item from group does not update group-item count display
- Fixed: Problem that LCD Screens did not reliably save text when blueprinting
- Fixed: Moneycard: can maximal hold 16959 credits: Any 999.999 will revert to the value when resuming/relogin
- Fixed: Possible to move items via REGISTRY via STATISTICS -> Button Back button now returns to Registry when Statistics is opened via Registry
- Fixed: Problem that it was possible to mine with SV weapons
- Fixed: Atlas too small warning in console
- Fixed: German Umlauts have no small letters
- Fixed: Overbright light and wrong spotlight position on pistols and assault rifles
- Fixed: Overbright light of Player drone and too small spotlight area
- Fixed: Problem that CenterOfMass CoM Indicator was not always rendered "above" axis indicator
- Fixed: Problem that old interior blocks were not grey but white (e.g. on starter BA Tier 2)
- Fixed: Weapon hold animation on several weapons + reduced jittering (snipers + assault rifles)
- Fixed: Problem that Sathium asteroids had no name tags anymore
- Fixed: Problem that aiming with turret on an asteroid showed message "Currently occupied"
- Fixed: Problem that Radar antenna was higher than block size of radar dish
- Fixed: Problem that flare showed intensity and range in control panel even though they have no effect (now: intensity and range do not appear anymore for flares)
- Fixed: Problem that shutter window and walkway ramp/railing did not show properly in SI shader
- Fixed: Problem that ATM withdrawal box was not limited to 6 digits as 999999 is the maximum amount of a moneycard (higher amounts result in glitches)
- Fixed: Problem with laser shots clipping into camera when very close
- Fixed: Problem that HP of wood + concrete blocks did not show up in block info
- Fixed: Several internal errors

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