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Sneak peak about all missions in the allied campaign

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War in Europe: 1940 is the sequel to War in Europe: 1939.

War in Europe: 1940 is inspired by the historical operations happened during 1940 in Europe and, same as WiE: 1939, WiE: 1940 have two campaigns(Axis and Allies) allowing you to fight in the conflict in both sides. Also, WiE: 1940 is only a single-player game inspired by classics FPS.

War in Europe: 1940 will be avalible the November 2, 2020. And you can try right now the free demo!

There is a sneak peak about all missions avalible in the allied campaign with my personal comentary:

1. Finland. Soviet side

Grab 20201003000649 w1920h1080 x

Your objectives: Return to the base.

Maybe is a difficult mission for the beginning, but I love it. It's like a labyrinth to get to the base. Inspired highly by MoH: AA.

2. Norway. Norwegian side

Grab 20201003124139 w1920h1080 x

Your objectives: Defend and retake a small town.

Short an intense mission, is also difficult. In general, this campaign is difficult. For the allies was not easy...

3. Belgium. Belgian side

Grab 20201003125630 w1920h1080 x

Your objectives: Defend your position until bullets are gone ;)

Inspired by the fierce resistance in belgian lines, you need to defend your position.

4. Netherlands. Netherlands side

Grab 20201006181748 w1920h1080 x

Your objectives: Retake a town.

Probably, my favourite mission of this campaign.

5. France. French and British side

Grab 20201010111227 w1920h1080 x

Your objectives: Escort a truck and clean a appartament.

A mission with a variety and with a lot of interior fights.

6. Greece. Greek side

Grab 20201010111818 w1920h1080 x

Your objectives: Retake a farm.

Short mission but I love it. You need to put explosives to get into a farm and defend it.

That's all! I hope you like it and remember, 2nd November, 2020!


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