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The new Allied AA Gun is shown off in all of it's glory and we find some surprising results in our investigation into game balance.

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Allied Anti-Aircraft Gun

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The Allied Anti-Aircraft Gun is a stationary flak canon designed to down all Soviet aircraft, both fixed-wing and helicopter. AA Guns have a great tracking system, but it is not optimized for attacking ground-level targets such as infantry and tanks; these will not be tracked nor fired upon by the system. In order to bring in Hind or Chinook helicopters, Soviet ground forces will need to knock out the AA Guns in the area or risk the loss of the expensive air units.

Fabian did 100% of the work on the AA Gun.

Balance Analysis

We tracked 4424 games since the launch of the latest patch and have looked over the win/loss records of each team on each map. The end result of these 4424 games is:

Soviet: 2231 (50.4%) Allies: 2193 (49.6%)

Red Alert: A Path Beyond has achieved what few games can actually claim, overall game balance. Unfortunately, not all the stats found were rosy. (argh Bunkers) Look at the complete summary yourself here.

drunkill - - 570 comments

Still a pretty even balance if you ask me. A few maps can be slightly edited, mainly locations of ore fields and some blockers, but it's a good achievement. :D

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Chronojam - - 413 comments

Even if you remove the most unbalanced map (Bunkers), we're still within 1% of 50:50 balance.

And I've been teaching players how to win on Bunkers, hopefully they'll show others.

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Category_5_Hurricane Author
Category_5_Hurricane - - 155 comments

Oh yeah, it's not impossible for either team to win anywhere, and just about all of the maps displayed an even chance. It would be hard to have game-wide balance like this without that fact.

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