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This article about new gameplay mechanics in Algotica.

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Greetings, my friends. I've made many interesting features for the past two weeks. And this features are essential for the educational part and also for intertainment gameplay part of the game. Let's start!

#1 Conditions

It was hard to do. But I made it. Now you can write conditions in Algotica! It is a classical "if then else" condition. I still think about performing ternary operator " ? " in the game. You can see the idea in the screenshot below.

You can also notice that I started to work on object oriented principle in the game. The condition checks a property of a node(red platform). Many objects in Algotica have own properties and even methods, so you can interact with them.

#2 User variables

It was even more harder to do, but I want that everything in the game was truly about REAL programming and not just about drag&drop chunks of code. So, now it is possible to create your own variables and use them!

As you can see, you can perfrom any formulas with " + , - , * , / , ( , ) " and assign the result to your variable, and it is also supports simple syntax sugar - "++" and "--".

#3 Free memory zones

Not only puzzle levels are in this game, but a free zones where you can control Lony not by commands but in a classical way - by keyboard and mouse. These free zones will bring diversity to the gameplay and add parts of game world to explore. Here is an example of early version of one these free memory zones.

#4 Compaign on IndieGo

I started a campaign like an experiment. I haven't got any experience with crowdfunding before so I decided to try it. If you are interested in this game and want to support me - visit the link below.

#5 Short demo

I've also remade first short demo, so now it has all improvments. You can see them in new screenshots below.

You can download demo for Windows -> Google Drive PC ver

And for OS X -> Google Drive OS X ver

Thank you for your attention!

Screenshots from latest demo with impovments.

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