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Greetings Akaryans :) We have an very neat UI Update !

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Welcome to another update on Akarya!

For this UI Update, we kept some elements we had before such as ability icons and transformed the UI.

  • NEW! Health and Mana Gauges
  • NEW! Skill Upgraded Indicator
  • NEW! Normal & Attack Cursor
  • NEW! Objective Update

Question of the day:
What are your thoughts about it the new design? :)

Health Indicator

health full

Mana Indicator

mana full

Normal Cursor

cursor standard full2

Attack Cursor

cursor standard full1

In game screenshots

Screenshot 4

Temporary Immune to damage: E - Rush Bolt (Skill Upgraded)

Screenshot 5

Lower Mana due to skill usage

Screenshot 6

New objective update

image 1


As this is a project in development, we are constantly trying to improve and are excited to show you new updates!

That's all for now, see you soon Akaryans!


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