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Aero Empire's scope incorporates many genres and features in a new and unique world, and the Game Guide walks through and explains all aspects of the game.

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There have been several screenshots and rendering videos, however, no game-play videos and little information about the actual game itself has been posted. To change this, the Game Guide, which explains everything you could want to know about the game, has been completed. The Game Guide has been uploaded to our website, which is publicly available here: Ae.aerosphere-studios.com.

The game guide first gives an overview of the game in general, and then gives a brief introduction to the world of Aero Empire so that you have some context when reading the rest of the guide (although a much more in depth description of the world and story will be posted in its own section later).

The game guide then goes on to explain the following sections:

  • Game Stages - explains the major stages of the game, which are all different military positions you can have with different resources and responsibilities.
  • Promotions and Demotions - explains how you can change positions, and get promoted and demoted.
  • Coup D'etats and Rebellions - explains how you can gain followers and become the leader of your own nation.
  • Combat - explains how combat and the damage system works in game.
  • Cities - explains the role of towns and cities in Aero Empire, and the non-military position of Mayor (NPC only for the initial release).
  • Research and Upgrades - explains how research and upgrades work in Aero Empire, with its unique continuous system of research.
  • Units - lists all of the airship categories and classes, and gives a brief description of them.
  • Weapons - lists all of the weapons systems and projectiles, and gives a brief description of them.

It is my hope that the game guide will provide potential players with an answer to the question: "What is Aero Empire?"

The game guide will be updated as needed, and additional guides specific to the user interface and learning how to play the game will be posted as we get closer to completion. But for now, the game guide will give you a glimpse into what is to come for the project.

Lead Programmer and Designer of Aero Empire
- David

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