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First Update! Aplha 0.3 State! And these are all my plans for the future of the project!

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Hi everyone!

This is my little project where i will try to replicate the "Ace Combat 2" campaign from the Original PlayStation.

For now i am only going to incorporate the first 3 missions as i am newbie to using the Editor and doing this takes more time.

- Add the rest of the missing missions.
- Improve the location of the enemies and the player spawn (this is not exact).
- Strike a fair balance with the economy of aircraft and weapons.
- Add data for briefing and debriefing of the missions, as well as enemy counter.
- Upload the music for the missions separately sinc I cannot include them here, soon I will add a link below.

- Add the aircraft models that are not in Vector Thrust, for example: KF-C7 (Kfir C.7) and A-4 Skyhawk, among others.
- Further customize the appearance of the maps to resemble the appearance of Ace Combat 2.
- Replace the music from Hangar, Shop, Briefing and Debriefing with the original Soundtrack of Ace Combat 2.
- Add multi-language support for all texts (At least when it reaches BETA phase).

I know this mod has a long way to go, but this is just a DEMO (for now!).

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