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SodaCity is an action, fast paced game, with hybrid beat/shoot ‘em up gameplay.

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Steam History

SodaCity is a fictional metropolis where inhabitants are soda cans, dominated by the organized crime, violence and warfare.

You play as Mr. Redd, who’s on a personal vendetta against SodaCity’s organized crime. Mr. Redd is a retired bounty hunter who seeks to avenge his brother’s death, carrying a one-can assault on every single criminal territory until he destroys every one of the city’s bosses.

Steam Features

Experience a modern take on old school game genres:

SodaCity is heavily based on classic beat ‘em ups from the SNES era but the main gameplay mechanic is shooting, so we ended with a shoot ‘em up with the weird, tilted, 2.5D perspective of classic beat ‘em ups.

PC Game SodaCity Official Traile

The level design favored the beat ‘em up half of the game, instead of the entirely side scrolling levels common in shoot ‘em ups. You fight in reduced spaces where enemies come at you from the sides and sometimes from above. Changing the size of the designated fighting area had a big effect on the game difficulty and the effectivity of the different types of weapons.

PC Game SodaCity Official Traile 1

Each play trough is going to be different because the random nature of the enemies spawners. We defined, roughly, the amount of enemies in each section, their hit points, armor level, AI level, spawning position, available weapons and emotional strength; we also focused on making each enemy a real threat. The combination of all the parameters generated dynamic challenges for the player.

Try out 38 upgradeable weapons:

Weapons differentiate themselves by their different stats, which are: Damage, Range, Ammo per clip, reload speed, Rate of Fire. We focused on making every weapon type relevant for different situations.

Screen Shot 2015 11 05 at 7 25 4

Fight your way across 18 levels in 6 different zones:

As you progress through the game, you will dismantle parts of the main crime organization. The difficulty progresses as more “intelligent” and “emotionally” stable enemies appear with more powerful weapons.

Low level enemies:

ObreroGreen shotgun walk 1CholoPurple GSMG fireChinoBlue hg09 walk 2

High level enemies:

BGuardsYellow SOSMGdual walk 0RobotWBlue LRifle fireHoundBrown GRifle walk 2

BusinessBrown TRifle standVillaPurple granadeLauncher walkTrooper1Green shotgundual walk 0

The levels were designed to be beated in shorts amounts of time but offering a great amount of challenge, because of that, we made retrying levels painless.

Overcome 7 boss battles:

Each boss is the leader of an specific crime group. In order to clear a zone you need to beat the corresponding boss.
Boss fights operate as separate levels. Each boss have unique attacks that offer a different type of challenge.

PC Game SodaCity Official Traile 3

Bullet Time!

Each kill has a small probability of activating the bullet time effect, in which time slows down but the player gets to move faster than the enemies, offering an advantage for a limited time. It’s possible to add time by increasing the combo meter.

PC Game SodaCity Official Traile 4

Full controller support:

Because the amount of challenge and the comfort that a controller provides, we recommend to play SodaCity with controller.

Steam Soundtrack

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