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Build A.231219.2019.3.0f3 of the O.R.I.G.I.N Demo has been released.

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A new build of the O.R.I.G.I.N demo has been released.

What's new in A.231219.2019.3.0f3?


  • The main menu and loading screen are cut off if the aspect ratio is not 16:9
  • The main menu is utilising realtime lighting
  • The dropdowns do not render
  • The shadows and reflections options do nothing
  • The credits button does nothing
  • The first level is incomplete and is subject to change
  • A UnityException occurs when the first level is loaded
  • The player mesh and animations are incomplete and are subject to change
  • There is no pause menu


The developers have not provided any information.


  • Introduced a main menu
  • Introduced the ability to modify options
  • Options are now saved in the registry
  • Introduced a loading screen
  • Introduced the first level
  • Removed Mono as the scripting engine
  • Removed the single script that served as a wrapper to the engine
  • Removed the Newtonsoft.Json library
  • All assets are now stored in a single file called data.unity3d

Download A.231219.2019.3.0f3

A screenshot of the main menu

A screenshot of the options menu

A screenshot of the loading screen

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