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In this article we will share a small but interesting feature that will allow streamers to use this game to engage with their communities.

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A Tiny feature for streamers

No matter if you are a Twitch, YouTube or Facebook streamer, it’s always important to somehow engage the viewers or make them feel part of what you are doing. Since “Tiny Lands” is a game to find differences, we thought an easy way to allow viewers to participate and that is of course, helping to find them.

The Grid

This is where the “Grid” appears. Basically you just have to press one button to enable it or disable it.


Now it’s easy to point out where the difference is, your viewers can simply type something like this:

Chat sample

Simple yet very useful to point out locations in the level you are playing.

Let us know what you think about this tiny feature!

If you want to know more what “Tiny Lands” is about, you can read our previous article here: Indiedb.com

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