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Class Three Studios now has a fully functioning audio development and editing team! We also have an inventory screen!

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The three person audio team is going to start development of auditory assets as soon as possible, giving the game a new dimension.

Speaking of dimensions, the second one is starting to come together inside Tenent ad Vitam. The user interface is being developed quickly and efficiently. A very simple game could even be created by the end of May! Getting the inventory to detect open slots may be difficult, but it's getting there.

As for the goals, I think the team should be able to get a small demo build made up by the end of May. This build will not be made available to the public at this time, but once it does get completed a development video log will likely come out.

This first version will be very basic. A tiny map with gameplay consisting of finding food and water before the player characters dies of malnutrition/dehydration. Combat against a basic AI will also be mandatory. For a full list of features, see below.

  • First person view with a small range of movement options (crouching, jumping, sprinting).
  • Tiny map with a few details to give it a small amount of life.
  • Enemy AI system that provides the base for one of the planned enemy types.
  • Sound effects and music corresponding to actions
  • Placeholder art assets!
  • Basic animations for first person view.
  • A score system based on time spent alive as well as a scoreboard (Temporary system to make the demo a game)
  • Ability to pick up food and drink to add to the inventory and drink/eat later.
  • And most importantly, BUGS!
  • Oh, and no optimization as of yet. LOD groups as well as mipmapping and other fancy options will come later in development.
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