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An article taken from the concepts for Star Apocalypse related scientific articles.

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Singularity Energy Generation (SEG) is a special form of power generation. It was invented during the first interstellar war by the Coalition of Independent Worlds. It was the basis for many more technologies later.

There were 2 critical inventions needed before SEG was possible.

The first was the detection of Graviton particles. Without the detection, the properties of the Graviton particle could not be studied. In 2401 AD, just before the first interstellar war, a group of scientists studying the effects of mini black holes at Kasara Research Institute detects by accident the Graviton particle. This discovery generated a flood of experiments which tried to detect the Graviton particle with all sorts of equipment.

By 2402 AD some viable ways had been found to detect Graviton particles. But the time of this invention could not have been worse. Kasara Research Institute, leading authority in Graviton research, was right at the border between the Coalition Of Independent Worlds and the Terran Federation. The research institute was seized several times by each side, before the CIW finally managed to claim the entire Kasara system.

As soon as they got control of the institute, they quickly shipped many of the employees, students, personel and databases to the core of their territory. There they started to work on how to manipulate Graviton particles. This was the 2nd invention needed to make it possible to generate power with a singularity.

The CIW didn't see this potential at first, because they wanted to use it as a weapon. After several years of research, a way to manipulate and create Graviton particles was found. This was a very praised achievement of the Kasara Research Institute, now named Kirlana Research Institude of Gravitic Physics, housed in the Kirlana system.

By 2429 AD, the researchers found a way to create a tiny black hole just by creating Graviton particles. Using contra-positioned Gravitic fields, the outside effect of the gravity field was negated. The researchers started brainstorming about what could be done with the current technology, and after a few days, they concluded that you could possibly generate Hawking Radiation from it. The team started to research and test it.

In 2434 AD, the researchers had come so far that they had created a prototype SEG Generator. The military, in particular the fleet, saw the potential of this very powerful type of power generation. It was also very versatile, as any material could be used to generate power. CIW fleet command created a taskgroup which would be going to create a working prototype of a ship which would be powered with SEG.

During 2447 AD, the taskgroup had created a working prototype, based off an existing ship design. It required a far smaller generator, but it was able to go faster and was higher powered than any ship known to date. The fleet was delighted with the results, and ordered the taskforce to create a working ship class based on the standard Cruiser hull.

Progress went very fast during 2447 and 2448 AD. By 2449 AD, the ship class, codenamed 'Lightbringer', was ready for production. A shipyard was specially built to mass-produce these ships. Firstly, a test batch was built, in order to test the capabilities of this ship in real combat situations.

A major pirate cluster was troubling CIW trading in an industrially very busy sector. The pirates were heavily armed, and the first fleet of the Lightbringer class was ordered to do what they must to take the pirates out.

After a few weeks of fierce battles, the Lightbringer fleet gained victory at the cost of 51000 pirates. 50 Lightbringers complemented with several escort ships destroyed in total 1700 pirate fighters and 300 pirate frigates. The success was clear, and now the class was ready for mass-production.

Mass-production started immediately, and after a few months the first fleets were operational.

In 2459 AD, the Lightbringer class started to see the first combat action against the TF.

In the years after, SEG technology was improved.

A few centuries later, SEG technology was so powerful that it could be called a new type of power generation.

Most of the data of that new type of power generation has been lost, but it is known that it was extremely powerful, efficient and consumed hardly any resources compared to SEG.

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