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The mod is slow but steady, events and ideas are my next focuses for improving the mod.

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Greetings, before i get in to some details, i just wanted to say thank you for all the support you have given me for this mod. My gratitude is is just too high to comprehend and i'm glad everything is going positive with my life right now. This makes me happy and shall increase my performance even further.

Mod updates:

The Steampunk world like i mentioned is slow but steadily improving. Just recently, i added a few new states to the mod and got a head start on the events. The ideas will be my next focus and plan to re-balance the game-play. Though the events and ideas will take time to create, the ideas i came up with will surely change the way the mod works.

I'm still here and still working so don't worry about me, i have plans for something and i will proceed on the mod as much as possible. I may not post another update for a bit but i will post one by the time it reaches the holiday season. Thanks again for support and see you in the next update.

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