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Post news RSS A long overdue update for MageWorks!

MageWorks has been overhauled with a new update cleaning up bugs, simplifying crafting, and making combat more accessible and fun.

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Was happy to dive into MageWorks and work on cleaning up playability to make the game much more accessible. Crafting has been simplified making it more accessible. AI has been tuned a bit to improve spell combat.

Put your VR legs to the test in the mining cart ride, or play around with different spells you've discovered in the MageWorks study hall.

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MageWorks Update v1.1.8

What’s New

  • Tutorial Sequence Removed: The tutorial sequence was buggy and causing issues with entry into the game world, so I have removed it. In lieu of the tutorial sequence, there are large spellbooks floating around the mage quarters and workshop as a guide for spellbooks, staff crafting, and map travel systems. The bird's witty banter will be back in a future build to support the story/context, but in a way where players have more control over it.
  • Ink is now used to draw the top of your staff design: The old use for ink was spell empowering. However, I feel that feature was too ambitious given the resources available to me, so, requiring ink to draw a new staff design created a sense of equilibrium for crafting resources and assembly methods: Collect lumber to carve the base of your staff, collect flowers to draw the top of your staff, and collect crystals to shape your staff gem.
  • The mage quarters have been redesigned. The entry into the game was too complicated, so players now launch directly into their mage quarters and can choose where to head from there. Because of this new logic, the mage quarters is more of a home hub with many portals to check out for mini-games, training, and exploration.
  • Fixed a bug with Game Slot entries where slots could not be erased. Game Slots can now be erased or reset if you want to delete your old save game data and start over.
  • Cleaned up some bugs with staff crafting. Because the tutorial was sort of buggy, the crafting process would occasionally break as well (or not get configured correctly for normal play). So I have gone through and created a more user friendly gameplay method to craft staves. Ink is now required to draw a custom stave top design. When completing a crafting task, most ingredients are automatically moved to the next station in the sequence.
  • Staff gem locations are now fixed in place. This was needed to create consistency with staff collision with other objects in the game. So players can still shape their own staff gems, but they will always be placed in the same location on the staff.
  • Players can now view toggle their inventory while holding their spellbooks.

On the Horizon

  • New art! Much of this game has been built with off-the-shelf art. My goal is to get much of this game as customized / stylized as possible with a unique look. When everything is programmatically in place, the focus will shift to create buildings and environments that exemplify the theme of the game.
  • I plan to bring in the locomotion movement as well. Some players prefer continuous floating movement to get around, while others prefer teleporting. In this build, only teleporting is available. however, I will integrate locomotion into the controls options in a future build. (the hover drone was removed awhile back, and this may get re-integrated, but the future locomotion movement will be its own thing.
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