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Hi everyone, just a quick update as its been almost a month since we gave you anything significant. Just a run through the team, our progress and what we still need! Please feel free to visit our websites, Steam Greenlight Concepts, track us, Tweet us and please support us!

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The Team...

So far we have a total of 18 Devs.The following positions are filled:

  • Writer/Editor
  • Sound Engineers(x3)
  • Concept Artists (x2)
  • Illustrators (x2)
  • Voice Actor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Technical Advisor
  • Level Designer (x3)
  • Programmer
  • 3D Modeler
  • Animator

The Progress...

Art Work:

Currently we have a lot of concept artwork done, this covers the first and second levels.We are rating the Concept Artwork for the first two levels at 75%.There is also a cutscene after the first mission, which our concept artists and illustrators are working on next week.

Level Design:

Level design work has started on both the missions and our cutscene.They are at a basic layout stage, with the second 'An Icy Contract' starting its second stage of building layouts and details.We do require more 3D Modelers that can help make props for our levels, as well as textures for floors, walls ceilings etc!


Currently, we are still at the basics.It's not been easy finding good programmers for the Source engine and the game will have a basic launcher by Wednesday hopefully.Anyone out there that knows the Source Engine and C++ please, please get in touch. We need your help!

3D Models:

Sherif, our 3D Modeler has finished our main character, Sebastian.Also, our main weapon the Ruger 22/45 Threaded Barrel.


Our Ruger is currently being worked on, we hope to get that ingame first.


Our Theme Tune is still a WIP, we also have two WIP themes for both missions and menu music.The Ruger has dry firing sfx (Real life recordings) from firing with and without the suppressor, reloading, bolt sliding etc.We hope to have this all in game soon.


The main storyline has been created, and our main and secondary characters have been developed.Our first mission and cutscene has been completed, with an overall layout for the whole story.We will be starting the second missions script soon.What we need..

OK, so we are still recruiting! We have a lot of artists, enough level designers but not enough 3D modelers, Programmers or Texture Artists!!

Please, if you can help us with any of these positions get in touch!

Of course, we also have our website: www.thecontractgame.co.uk

Please give us a track, give us a like, visit us on Steam Greenlight Concepts!All your feedback helps us move forward and improve the game.

Thank you for taking the time to read this... ~The Contract Dev Team.


Ruger Shots:


An Icy Contract:

Bromand77 - - 53 comments

I have never worked with the Source engine before, but seeing from a current-generation graphics perspective, then textures needs improvement.

I personally think that the level of detail in textures (rocks, snows, etc.) are not high enough to current days standard. I'd like to see some higher quality on this point, though models and concept art looks fine. Character models and Pistol is good as well.

My 2 cents, thanks.

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Bravo81 Author
Bravo81 - - 79 comments

Hey Andreas, thanks for that.

The textures are very old, 2006 I think from the original Half Life 2. We will be replacing all the textures with our own ones eventually.

Thanks again.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Bromand77 - - 53 comments

In the other way it depends on if you're aiming for next generation graphics or not...?

Whatever the answer might be, those textures just really aren't up to matching current days standard, and if you're planning to sell the game, you need to have high standards.

I suppose many of your plans associated with this are described in your GDD?

Anyways, concepts looks promising!

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Bravo81 Author
Bravo81 - - 79 comments

Yes, of course with the Source engine we won't be running alongside FarCry, BF3/4 or COD. But we are looking at high quality graphics so will be using high quality textures in the future.

Being an Indie Team, we will do the best we can without compromising other aspects of the game.

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WNxKraid - - 225 comments

Source still is a good engine, even Respawn will use the engine for their Game Titanfall.
And there are several other examples that it's still able to shine.

However i wouldn't mind if the tools were a little more up-to-date.
For example: direct import of .fbx for models, .tga for texture and an integrated shader editor.

In terms of graphic Lightmapping on props would be on the top of my wishlist.

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