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Created for personal pleasure and for the Edge Get Into Games Challenge 2013, the alpha version of Goscurry is already playable online.

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Birth of Goscurry

Goscurry was born a couple days after the Edge Get Into Games Challenge 2013 was announced. It came out from the strong desire I had to make some kind of infinite runner, and honestly at the moment I had no idea of said challenge.
I began prototyping and developing quickly, and after less than a week I had some screenshots and a demo. Then all began to flow. Isak Martinsson (coder and composer from Killmonday) offered to make a track for it, and with the speed of lightning he created the perfect electro-beat score, which got both of us excited and wanting to do more. In the meantime, Fabian Smith (my partner on Stackout), pushed me to enter The Edge challenge, since the development time was perfectly on par with it. And so I did.

A month after - play

On April 15, after a little more than a (semi-intense) month of work, Goscurry's alpha was released online and sent to the Edge contest.
Isak composed a total of 4 different tracks, and the base of the gameplay is there. A lot more stuff will be added for a coming-soon commercial release, but you can start tackling the highscores* and simply try to survive as long as you can. Remember, I warned you: it's a hard game - especially if you play it as it should be played, on Pro difficulty.
Play Goscurry alpha on the official website

* Just know that you'll never beat me, wahahaha

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